Sunday, June 13, 2021

Punk's Not Dead: An Excerpt from Mutant Rise

An excerpt from Mutant Rise, a cyberpunk mutant animal setting for Savage Worlds that I've been working on.
For the three linked settings I've been working on (Mutant Dawn, which is mutant animals in the modern day; Mutant Rise; and the forthcoming Mutant War, which will be post-apocalyptic), I'm including a Life Path system to help create characters. The system can be ignored without much penalty... the only nominal advantage is that, in certain configurations of Birth, Upbringing, and Education, you will get skills that exceed your attributes or Edges you don't technically qualify for.

Musician is one of those Educations, along with Drone Monkey, Hacker, Infiltrator, Mechanic, Reporter, Salary, Scavenger, and Security.

"Musician: Punk’s not dead, it’s just louder and the growls are a bit more realistic when they come from a Were's throat. Musicians gain a bonus die in Spirit, as well as three dice in Performance, and one in Common Knowledge, Persuasion, and Taunt. Making a living as a musician means you have Fame, but also a Minor Habit, and either Poverty or a Minor Obligation (i.e. the dreaded Day Job)."