Thursday, October 21, 2021

AD&D Character Creation by Character Points

 The latest iteration of my old, giant project to convert AD&D, 2nd edition, to an entirely player-driven character creation project, with no classes or defined races. Below is the intro; the document is 35 pages, even with all the stuff I've removed.

Notably removed from the document is the list of how much each standard class would cost in this system. I've got the information in a separate file, but I haven't checked it for accuracy in some time, so I'm not leaving it publicly available.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

PIxies as PCs for 5e

 This is very rough and ugly; what Hackmaster would call an "At-a-Glance" summary, not the full racial write-up. A couple aesthetic choices were made specifically to appeal to a friend of mine, but the mechanics are as written, and divorced from that.

*Ability scores: Dex +2 +1 Cha
*Size: Tiny. ¼ carrying capacity. Cannot use Heavy, Two-Handed, or Versatile weapons. Any weapon that is not Light cannot be Finesse weapon. Weapons that are neither finesse nor light require two hands
*Speed: Walking 10' Fly 30'. Cannot fly in medium or heavy armor.
*Type: Fey
*Innate Magic: Druidcraft Cantrip. At 5th level, Invisibility 1/long rest
*Advantage on saving throws v. Magic from Beasts, Fey, Plants


Wings of butterflies or Dragonflies
Proficient Insight
Cantrip: Guidance

Wings: Moth
Proficient: Perception
Cantrip: Dancing Lights

Wings: Bat
Proficient: Stealth
Cantrip: Prestidigitation