Tuesday, October 12, 2021

PIxies as PCs for 5e

 This is very rough and ugly; what Hackmaster would call an "At-a-Glance" summary, not the full racial write-up. A couple aesthetic choices were made specifically to appeal to a friend of mine, but the mechanics are as written, and divorced from that.

*Ability scores: Dex +2 +1 Cha
*Size: Tiny. ¼ carrying capacity. Cannot use Heavy, Two-Handed, or Versatile weapons. Any weapon that is not Light cannot be Finesse weapon. Weapons that are neither finesse nor light require two hands
*Speed: Walking 10' Fly 30'. Cannot fly in medium or heavy armor.
*Type: Fey
*Innate Magic: Druidcraft Cantrip. At 5th level, Invisibility 1/long rest
*Advantage on saving throws v. Magic from Beasts, Fey, Plants


Wings of butterflies or Dragonflies
Proficient Insight
Cantrip: Guidance

Wings: Moth
Proficient: Perception
Cantrip: Dancing Lights

Wings: Bat
Proficient: Stealth
Cantrip: Prestidigitation

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