Friday, December 20, 2019

Status of Current Hackmaster Projects

Here's the status of my current Hackmaster projects, most of them done in the past year or so:
The Shadesh West (submitted to Kenzer) 
*North of P'Bapar, West of Dobyo: 15467 words 
*Sanakir Hills: 4962 words 
*The Valley Lands: 5541 words 
*Mount Keypar-Urtha: 5766 words 
*The Brindonwood: 5462 words 
*Shashyf Hills: 4935 words 
*Hungry Undead conversion: 7543 words 
*Moose: 627 words 
*Elk/caribou: 513 words 
*Deer: 436 Words 
*Sharjani: 3881 words 
*Al-miraj: 527 Words 
*Sorcerer: 2493 words 
*Shaman: 10566 words 
*Witch Doctor: 1074 words 

The Goblin Heights (completed, not yet submitted) 
*Krond Heights, Goblin Deeps: 8641 words 
*The Krond Heights: 8677 words 
*The Goblin Deeps: 7515 words 
*Alpaca: 336 words 
*Avledor: 522 words 
*Dwarf, Ragged: 1656 Words 
*Elder Troll: 962 words 
*Llama: 319 words 
*Tunnel Hag: 1039 words 

Blood and Sunshine: Grel and Pixie-Fairies (completed, not yet submitted) 
*Friend and Foe: Pixie-Fairy and Grunge Elf: 405 words 
*Sarlangans: 9576 words 
*Paelifa: 8530 words 
*Grunge Fairy: 961 words 
*Woodland Knight: 1189 words 
*Outdoorsman: 1503 words 
*Fairy, Common: 833 words 
*Bumblebee, Gigantic: 485 words 
*Giant Butterfly: 451 words 

The High Cantons (work in progress): 
*The High Cantons: 3556 words 
*Gnome Titans: 4899 words 
*Disciples of Klarbappo: 981 words 
*Stone Giants: 923 words 
*Grevans as PCs: 438 words 
*Marshall: 1203 words 

Odd Jill and the Snake Pit Slavers (permission to publish, needs editing and formatting) 
*Fiction: 13235 words

In case you're wondering (I certainly was), the full Mysteries of Magic manuscript (of which only about 1/3 was published, is 160,908 words, while the above is 148,628 words.

Saturday, December 14, 2019

Savage Star Wars

Some basics for a Savage Star Wars game I ran, where everyone was a Padawan immediately after Order 66 (literally, the first check they rolled was to hear "Execute Order 66" over their clone trooper's radios).

A lot of Star Wars works just fine with Savage Worlds; the main things I saw as necessary are Force Rules that represent the Dark Side (here, they are bonus bennies that can only be used for Dark Side actions, but using too many loses you to the dark side), and some races. Otherwise, give everyone a laser sword and let the dice roll!

Arcane Background: Jedi

Arcane Skill: Force
Beginning Powers: 3
Power Points: No Power Points Rule
The Force skill can also be used to perform minor Telekinesis; it has a strength of d4, and a duration of only 1, but otherwise functions like the Telekinesis power.

The Lure of the Dark Side
In addition to the regular Bennies (called “Force Points”) available to all characters, each character in Savage Star Wars has 3 Dark Side Points. Dark Side points may be spent like bennies, but only to reroll an offensive roll (Fighting, Shooting, Taunt, Intimidation, Pilot, etc.), or to reroll the damage of an attack, and for those with the Arcane Background: Jedi, they may be spent to allow the use of any Force Power for the rest of the session, or to reroll a failed Force skill roll.
However, the Dark Side is seductive. If a character spends all of their Dark Side Points in a single session, they receive Dark Sider as a Minor Hindrance. In subsequent sessions, they will have 1 fewer Dark Side Point. If they run out of those in a single session, their Dark Sider Hindrance is upgraded to a Major Hindrance, and they begin each session with only 1 Dark Side Point. Using their Dark Side Point with the major Dark Sider Hindrance results in the Hindrance, Lost to the Dark Side, a Major Hindrance. These Hindrances may be bought off with Advances as normal; Lost to the Dark Side requires two advances, and Dark Sider may then be reduced from a Major to a Minor Hindrance, then removed entirely.

New Hindrances
Dark Sider (Minor or Major)
Those with the Dark Sider hindrance have begun to succumb to the lure of the Dark Side. As a minor Hindrance, they receive only 2 Dark Side Points each session; as a major Hindrance, they receive only one. Should all their Dark Side Points be spent in a single session, those with the minor Hindrance upgrade to the Major; those with the Major become Lost of the Dark Side.

Lost to the Dark Side (Major)
Prerequisite: Dark Sider Major Hindrance
Those Lost to the Dark Side have perverted the Force for selfish ends. As such, they no longer receive Force Points like regular characters; instead, they begin each session with a single Dark Side Point. They are able to earn Force Points normally during play, but any Force Points earned for acting on negative personality Hindrances (Arrogant, Bloodthirsty, Greedy, Jealous, Mean, Overconfident, Ruthless, Vengeful; others, decided by GM) will instead be earned as Dark Side Points.

Pros: Strength starts at d6 (2), Claws (Str+d4 Damage) (1), Environmental Resistance: Cold (1), Size +1 (1)
Cons: Big -2, Cannot Speak -1, Minor Hindrance (Outsider, -1)

Pros: Environmental Resistance: Heat (1), Persuasion starts at d6 (1)

Pros: One additional Novice edge of choice

Togruta (Ahsoka Tano’s species)
Pros: Bite (Strength +d4 Damage) (1), Danger Sense Edge (due to montrals) (2)
Cons: Loyal Hindrance (1)

Gungan (Otolla) (Jar-Jar Binks)
Pros: Aquatic (2), +2 on Athletics (2)
Cons: Frail (1), Environmental Weakness: Heat (1)

Gungan (Ankura) (Boss Nass)
Pros: Aquatic (2)

Pros: Low Light Vision (1), Repair d6 (2), +2 Repair (2), Immune to Disease (1)
Cons: Small (1), Can’t Speak (2), Outsider (Minor) (1)

Pros: Regeneration (3)
Cons: Racial Enemy: Wookiee

Pros: Immune to Poison, +1 Toughness