Friday, December 20, 2019

Status of Current Hackmaster Projects

Here's the status of my current Hackmaster projects, most of them done in the past year or so:
The Shadesh West (submitted to Kenzer) 
*North of P'Bapar, West of Dobyo: 15467 words 
*Sanakir Hills: 4962 words 
*The Valley Lands: 5541 words 
*Mount Keypar-Urtha: 5766 words 
*The Brindonwood: 5462 words 
*Shashyf Hills: 4935 words 
*Hungry Undead conversion: 7543 words 
*Moose: 627 words 
*Elk/caribou: 513 words 
*Deer: 436 Words 
*Sharjani: 3881 words 
*Al-miraj: 527 Words 
*Sorcerer: 2493 words 
*Shaman: 10566 words 
*Witch Doctor: 1074 words 

The Goblin Heights (completed, not yet submitted) 
*Krond Heights, Goblin Deeps: 8641 words 
*The Krond Heights: 8677 words 
*The Goblin Deeps: 7515 words 
*Alpaca: 336 words 
*Avledor: 522 words 
*Dwarf, Ragged: 1656 Words 
*Elder Troll: 962 words 
*Llama: 319 words 
*Tunnel Hag: 1039 words 

Blood and Sunshine: Grel and Pixie-Fairies (completed, not yet submitted) 
*Friend and Foe: Pixie-Fairy and Grunge Elf: 405 words 
*Sarlangans: 9576 words 
*Paelifa: 8530 words 
*Grunge Fairy: 961 words 
*Woodland Knight: 1189 words 
*Outdoorsman: 1503 words 
*Fairy, Common: 833 words 
*Bumblebee, Gigantic: 485 words 
*Giant Butterfly: 451 words 

The High Cantons (work in progress): 
*The High Cantons: 3556 words 
*Gnome Titans: 4899 words 
*Disciples of Klarbappo: 981 words 
*Stone Giants: 923 words 
*Grevans as PCs: 438 words 
*Marshall: 1203 words 

Odd Jill and the Snake Pit Slavers (permission to publish, needs editing and formatting) 
*Fiction: 13235 words

In case you're wondering (I certainly was), the full Mysteries of Magic manuscript (of which only about 1/3 was published, is 160,908 words, while the above is 148,628 words.

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