Monday, July 1, 2013

Cranky Gamer, Redux

I've decided to try and use this over my old Livejournal for my gaming posts; it's gotten to where signing into the Livejournal is a bit of a pain, and, since it's been a bit of a hiatus, I might as well start fresh. I may port over some of the better or more important posts, so they're easier to find, but I've also got some fairly dire stuff over there that I'm not keen to carry over.

So, welcome to the Cranky Gamer, Redux. My name is Mark Hall, and I've been an avid gamer for a bit more than twenty years as of 2013. I cut my teeth on 2nd edition AD&D, and I'm still a bit old-school in my D&D, but like a variety of games. I've done some freelance game writing, mostly for Palladium Books, but also for Third Eye Games, and I'm hoping to get some things published with Kenzerco, at least in the Hackjournal. I'm open to questions, but don't be surprised if I take forever to answer, or get a bit cagey with my answers, especially regarding future projects (which may or may not ever happen) or my relationship with publishers.

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