Monday, March 17, 2014

Edges and Hindrances in SW Mass Effect

We're looking at beginning a SW Mass Effect game, soon, and so I've been looking at a few Edges and Hindrances for what they might mean in the ME universe.

Now, one thing I should make clear; anyone, whether they have the Arcane Background: Tech or not, may learn and use the Tech skill. However, that is ONLY to use powers built into devices; you can use Tech to turn on shields in your military-grade armor (i.e. Activate the Armor Power built in). If you have the Arcane Background, you can use your learned Armor power to create shields whenever you have an omni-tool. Without the background, you can learn no powers, only use the ones already there. Civilian omni-tools only include the Healing and Speak Language powers, allowing them to dispense medi-gel and translate most common languages.

*All Thumbs (Minor): In addition to Repair skills, this applies to Tech powers and skills as well. Given the prevalence of Tech powers and skills in Mass Effect, this is a Major Hindrance.

*Doubting Thomas (Minor): This is not appropriate for Savage Worlds: Mass Effect and is not available.

*One Arm, One Leg, One Eye (Major): While these Hindrances are available, they are also relatively easy to overcome with cybernetics. If replaced with cybernetics, they are replaced with the Anemic and Ugly flaws (as the extensive cybernetics require both immuno-suppressors and cause massive scarring... to say nothing of the galactic insecurity about artificial beings).

*Outsider (Minor): Outsider is a very common flaw among the races of the Mass Effect universe, but is not a very common flaw for individuals. If someone possesses this flaw as both a racial feature and a personal feature (due to belonging to some obscure human or Elcor subculture, for example), then the effective penalty to charisma is -4; not only are you weird to the other races of the galaxy like all your people, but you're outside of what the expect from that race. Within your own race, the penalty drops to only -2.

Background Edges:
*Arcane Resistance, Improved Arcane Resistance: These Edges are not appropriate for Savage Worlds: Mass Effect; can't fight physics, mate.

*Attractive, Very Attractive: These Edges have less effect outside of one's own species (except for Asari). Asari are considered to have Attractive; they may choose Very Attractive for a total +4 to Charisma.

*Noble: The Noble Edge's Charisma bump may not apply outside of your own species or culture.

Power Edges:
*New Power: Asari may take this Edge without needing the Biotic Background (though the biotic background may be a better investment, as it grants 2 more powers and an increase of power points over their usual abilities).

*Power Points: This is only available to the Biotic background or Asari.

*Rapid Recharge, Improved Rapid Recharge:  These edges are only available to the Biotic background or Asari.

*Soul Drain: This edge is not appropriate for Savage Worlds: Mass Effect and is not available.

Professional Edges:
*Adept, Champion, Holy/Unholy Warrior, Mentalist: These Edges are not appropriate for Savage Worlds: Mass Effect and are not available.

*Assassin: The Fighting requirement for this Edge may be replaced with Shooting.

*Gadgeteer: The Tech background (and skill) replaces the Weird Science background.

*Mr. Fix it: The Tech background (and skill) replaces the Weird Science background. The bonus also applies to Tech powers specifically used to fix machines.

*Wizard: Wizard, per se, is not appropriate, but there are equivalents for both the Biotic and Tech backgrounds; the Biotic equivalent is Academy Trained, showing that the character had access to some sort of training in the use of their powers; perhaps the human Jump Zero Academy, or specific biotic training in an equivalent alien institution. For Tech Powers, it is Efficient Charging; you've got talent in getting the most out of your batteries and generators.

Social Edges:
Charismatic:  The Charisma bonus for this Edge transcends species, unlike Attractive and Very Attractive.

A note on Tech-based Healing and Greater Healing: These powers both have two forms: one for living creatures, and the other for machines and vehicles. These powers must be learned separately. Using it on living creatures requires a source of medi-gel; using it for machines requires something that can be broken down into omni-gel (which is most items of modern manufacture).

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