Friday, November 30, 2018

North of P'Bapar, West of Dobyo: A Gazeteer of the Shadesh West

So, recently, most of my creative energy has gone towards my hopefully-soon-to-be-published work for Kenzerco, The Shadesh West.

As the title says, it concerns the Sanakir and Shashyf Hills, the Padiras River Valley, the Western Brindonwood, Mount Keypar-Urtha (the mountain that lies between the Padiras River and the Western Brindonwood), and Lake Tetzlmere, the long, narrow lake between Keypar-Urtha and Du'Kemp Swamp. Much of the area is underdeveloped, and it seemed like a fun area to expand, especially since it's so near to northern P'Bapar, where Frandor's Keep is located. Like the P'Bapar books, it will be released in several parts. I also converted an adventure, already set in the northern Sanakirs, which should be available as the rest of the material is released.

I'm really excited about this. As you may know, I first proposed this series to them in 2016, but didn't here much back from them until recently. Now, I've produced 55,000 words about goblins, orcs, werewolves, gnomes, hags, wyrms, and wargs. There are holy places, lesbian halfling communes, and an arm of a vast kingdom of goblins. Giant spiders do war with a lone dragon-kin.

I really look forward to being able to share it with you.

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