Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Gnome Titans on Tellene

So, a bit of reconstruction about the Gnome Titans, using existing sources. Externally, the Gnome Titans exist on Tellene because they were an import from Hackmaster 4e's Garweeze Wurld/Aldrazar, but since they exist on Tellene, they must have come from somewhere... there must be a point where they ceased being gnomes, and became TITANS!

The Hacklopedia says that gnome titans are from the Vrykarr Mountains (p. 137). When we look at the section on the Vrykarr Mountains in Kingdoms of Kalamar, we find

Vrykarr Mountains: This broad northern swath of the Ka’Asa range separates the Reanaaria Bay city-states from the Dejy steppes. Nestled in its worn alpine peaks are many cozy little valleys wherein gnomes can be found in large numbers. The scattered clans have a loosely organized government of twelve cantons that were originally formed some 300 years ago to rid the area of unsavory goblinoid inhabitants. A tireless vigil is maintained to ward off the many giants found in the upper reaches of the Vrykarrs. Occasional humanoid raiding parties are also encountered. Though not abundant in natural wealth, these mountains do yield gold, silver and gems to those who know its secrets.

From that, I would wager that the gnome titan "subrace" is only a few hundred years old, with its genesis about 300 years ago, and its third generation really coming into its own, now (per HOB 136, gnomish generations are 100-130 years long; assume the gnomes born 300ybp were the first raised as gnome titans, and their children would be born ~170-200ybp, the third generation being born ~70-40 ybp, making them "PC age" per the Player's Handbook, page 118). In older generations, you'd still see myopia and the ability to speak with animals (gnome titans live 380-450 years, on average), but by the current generation, that would be largely gone. Perhaps animal speech would be a Talent some have? Or even a proficiency, or an option for Bilingual Gnome Titans?

Their skill against giant-kin (more broadly based than the gnomish bonus), and slightly lesser skill against humanoids (+1 and higher per-level bonus v. gnomish +2) tracks with the section on the Vrykarrs... they eliminated a lot of the goblinoids a couple hundred years ago, but now contend largely with giants and the occasional humanoid. It looks like Skarna is a major trading partner (KoK, page 50), though they also had, at least at one point, relations with Thybaj (KoK, p. 52).

The core of their territory is likely the large river valley between 5* and 6* east, and 41* and 42* North; good place to set up a lot of Cantons. I base this on the fact that they likely live near the Counai Heights (noted for its giant population, KoK, pg 60), but figure they only spread east of 6* East once they get north of 42* N (past the Vry Naasu Highlands). They'd hold the eastern, higher parts of the Jenth ridges, but most of that territory is Thybajan. Want to meet a gnome titan? Ryrej and Slero, Fashyr if you don't want to get out in the sticks.

This is what I figure with a bit of digging into the HoB, KoK, and PH.

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