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By the Power Of/For the Honor Of Greyskull!

The Grey Skull is an ancient place of power, long hidden by is Guardian from its enemies. A crumbling castle with the appearance of an ancient skull of grey stone, it is a repository of knowledge and magic long-lost to the world.

The Guardians of the Grey Skull are many; there is always one who resides within the Grey Skull itself, whose purpose is to protect the castle itself, and train those who the Grey Skull chooses to act as its hands in the world. Those hands may not always be selected; sometimes, the Guardian of the Grey Skull will be alone for many centuries, served only by their apprentices. When tyranny and injustice arise, however, the Grey Skull will reach out to the worlds to which is it connected and choose a Champion to fight with the power of Grey Skull, and for the honor of Grey Skull.

Guardians and Champions of Grey Skull must begin Good in alignment.

Warlock Pact: The Champion of the Grey Skull
Expanded Spell List
1st Jump, Feather Fall
2nd Enlarge/Reduce, Enhanced Ability
3rd Haste, Protection from Energy
4th Stoneskin, Freedom of Movement
5th Circle of Power, Greater Restoration

The Champion of Grey Skull
Those who serve the Grey Skull often do so incognito. Unless they choose to reveal themselves (and many do, to at least a few, trusted, allies), their identity as the Champion of Grey Skull is concealed unless someone directly observes the transformation; if they do not, they are seldom able to penetrate the disguise (Intelligence (Investigation) against the Warlock's spell DC. This check is made at a disadvantage if there is a Guardian of Greyskull active.) However, they may take an action, raise their Arcane Focus and declare their allegiance to Grey Skull, transforming themselves into the Champion of the Grey Skull. The Champion form resembles an idealized, more athletic, form of the warlock themselves. The powers "Power of Grey Skull" and "Honor of Grey Skull" only function when the warlock is in Champion of Grey skull form.

While the Champion of Greyskull, they gain the following benefits, so long as they are not wearing heavy or medium armor.
*They have advantage on Strength Checks and Strength Saving Throws.
*When they make a melee weapon attack, they gain bonus damage equal to their Charisma bonus.
*Their Armor Class equals 10 + their Dexterity Modifier + their Charisma modifier, or that provided by their armor.
*They have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

At 1st level, they may remain Champion of Greyskull for one minute, and may enact the change up to twice per day; if they choose, they may continue the change at the end of each minute by spending a bonus action and one of their changes per day. At levels 3, 6, 12, and 17, they gain an additional change and/or minute per day. At 20th level, they may remain as the Champion of Grey Skull indefinitely. These reset after a long rest.

Boon Companion
At level 6, the Champion of Grey Skull gains a boon companion; an intelligent beast and mount. The creature is large enough to serve as mount (often Large, though smaller champions might have a Medium companion). The beast may have a CR of no more than 2, but adds the Champion's proficiency bonus to AC, attack rolls, and damage rolls. When in Champion form, the Companion also has bonus HP equal to the Champion's level times two, and all the abilities provided by the Champion of Grey Skull ability.
The beast is intelligent, with an Intelligence score equal to the Champion's, and the same alignment. While within 100' of each other, the Companion and the Champion may share hit points as a reaction. The Companion, however, is a unique individual; while it may be raised or resurrected like any character, it cannot be replaced. Boon Companions do not require the character to be in Champion of the Grey Skull form to function, though they tend to be more focused when the warlock is in that Form.

The Power of Grey Skull
At 10th level, while the Champion of Grey Skull, the warlock may channel the Power of Grey Skull through their weapons. When they strike with a weapon attack, they deal an additional 1d10 damage, and may apply any invocations that modify Eldritch Blast through their weapons.

The Honor of Grey Skull
The Champion of Grey Skull is a champion of the people. Beginning at 14th level, they radiate an aura out to 10 feet. So long as they remain conscious, they and allies within the aura cannot be frightened and, at the beginning of the Champion's turn, gain temporary hit points equal to the Champion's Charisma modifier. Those temporary hit points only last until the beginning of the Champion's next turn.

New Invocation:
Winged Companion

Prerequisite: Boon Companion Feature

Your Boon companion undergoes a shift when in Champion form, growing large, feathery wings. They gain a fly speed of 90 feet. If the Champion ceases the form while the companion is in the air, the creature will be affected by Feather Fall until they reach the ground.

Sorcerous Origin: The Guardian of Grey Skull

The Guardian of the Grey Skull is an immensely powerful being... within her domain. A fully realized Guardian sacrifices much of her power by leaving Castle Grey Skull, but can act outside through the means of the Champion of the Grey Skull.

1st Level
At 1st level, a Guardian of the Grey Skull chooses a totem animal. This must be a beast of no greater than 1 CR, and may have any form of natural speed (fly, swim, climb, etc.). As an action, the Guardian may assume the form of their totem for up to 1 hour per level, taking an action to change form at will as many times per day as they wish. This ability functions otherwise as Wild Shape.
Additionally, the Guardian gains the cantrips Guidance, Resistance, and Message. These cantrips count as Sorcerer cantrips for the Guardian, and do not count against the number of cantrips the Sorcerer knows. Additionally, they may use these cantrips upon the Champion of Greyskull, without regard for distance, by expending a 1st level spell slot.

6th Level
At 6th level, Guardians lose the ability to use spell slots above 3rd level outside of Castle Greyskull, save through Sorcery Points. However, they gain great insight into the future. After each long rest within Castle Greyskull, they may roll 2d20 and record the results. Before their next long rest, they may substitute the results of any one roll with the roll of one of these d20s. They may do this twice. The Guardian also gains the following spells as Sorcerer spells, without counting against their limit of spells known: Cure Wounds, Lesser Restoration, Mass Healing Word, Remove Curse, Revivify. In addition, they may add their Charisma bonus to the damage of Sorcerer cantrips cast within Castle Greyskull.

14th Level
At 14th level, Guardians lose the ability to regain spell slots by long rests outside of Castle Greyskull. The long rest will still allow for healing and the recovery of Sorcery points, however. While within Castle Greyskull, they cease to age; so long as they remain within the castle, they will never degrade nor perish of advanced age.
However, they gain the ability to cast any ritual spell, of any class, while within the confines of Castle Greyskull; the castle has an extensive library, and while some esoteric rituals may not be contained within, all rituals within the Player's Handbook are included. They also gain access to the following spells as Sorcerer spells, without counting against their limit of spells known, only while within Castle Greyskull: Greater Restoration, Heal, Regenerate, Resurrection.

18th Level
At 18th level, Guardians lose the ability to take long rests outside of Castle Greyskull. They may continue to take, and benefit from, short rests, but any long rest attempted outside of Castle Greyskull is instead counted as a short rest. They may also cast spells while in their Totem form.
While within Castle Greyskull, they may use the Visions of the Past power as a Knowledge cleric (including the use of Wisdom, not Charisma, to determine the length of meditation). This power also allows the Guardian to converse with past Guardians, gaining great insight into events. The Guardian may also use a ritual to summon any Champion of Greyskull with whom they are personally acquainted, and use another ritual to return them to the place from where they were summoned. They also gain access to the following spells as Sorcerer spells, without counting against their limit of spells known, only while within Castle Greyskull: Control Weather, Foresight, Mass Heal, Project Image, and True Resurrection. If they Project their image to the Champion of Greyskull, they may use the Champion as the origin point of any spell by upcasting at least 1 level, in addition to any other upcasting.

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