Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Divine Charges

Found this other entry into the old Dragonsfoot forum challenges.

Divine Charges (Divination)

Wizard level 2, Cleric level 3
Sphere: Divination
Range: Touch
Duration: Instant
Area of Effect: One Object
Components: V, S, M
Casting Time: 2 hours
Saving Throw: None

By carefully calibrating a scale and adjusting the counter-weights, the caster learns approximately how many charges are in the item. Upon completing the casting time, the DM rolls 1d8-4 if between the levels of 3 and 6, 1d6-3 if between 7 and 11, and 1d4-2 if level 12 or higher. The DM adds the result to the actual number of charges the item, and reports the final total. Each spellcaster can only cast this once per item per year; if attempted more frequently on the same item, there is a 7% cumulative chance that 3d10 charges will be lost, and the material components destroyed. This spell reveals nothing about the function(s) of the item. There is a (30%-level of the caster) chance that any curses on the item will come to affect the caster, as well.
The material components of this spell are a scale and fine golden weights. Each weight costs 20 gp, and insufficiently varied weights reduce the accuracy of the spell; usually, it will be five 1 charge weights, three 5 charge weights, two 10 charge weights, and three 20 charge weights, for a total of 160gp in weights. The scale itself must be made of silver, and costs 100gp for a scale suitable for only wands, 300gp for a scale suitable for rods or wands, and 500gp for a scale suitable for staves and other magical items. These material components are not typically destroyed with casting.

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