Saturday, September 19, 2020

Updates to CP-based D&D

 A couple updates to CP-based D&D:

I've put in a lot more abilities

*Psionics with two variations; Complete Psionics Handbook/Will and the Way version and Skills and Powers version. These are at the end, in the Psionics Addendum.

*Priest Spheres as an additional way of gaining spells. 

*Shamanic powers (as in Spells & Magic and Faiths & Avatars)

I've also included non-proficiency penalties for weapons, and added a way to determine your saving throws in this system; you begin with 70 points divided among your 5 saving throw categories (minimum 2, maximum 20, lower is, as always, better), with the total decreasing 3 points every level (meaning you reach all 2s at level 15). This is still experimental, so I would like feedback.

Follow the link above (or here) to see the document.

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