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Godspawn and Immortal Descended

A couple character options I created for Hackmaster. These are not races, per se, but rather akin to skill suites; a group of related abilities that help customize characters. They are, however, quite powerful... the equivalent of purchasing a second class. This will place them beyond the reach of most characters. The only ones likely to be able to use them are humans, or those who are adhering to the more typical classes of their race... easy for a dwarf fighter, not easy for a dwarf magic-user.

The Godspawn

The gods walk the roads and fields of Tellene from time to time, some say. On these occasions, they are suspected of physical unions with mortals, perhaps resulting in offspring. The Vicelord and the Laugher are most frequently associated with these unions, but the Great Huntress, the Raconteur and the Founder are all associated with stories of offspring with unusual talents.

Godspawn are different from their peers in some obvious way. They might glow with an ambient light when angry or excited. The music of stringed instruments might accompany their voice when they speak. The air around them might feel tense and charged, like an impending storm. Their body might radiate uncomfortable warmth at all times.

The history of Tellene has produced a rare few godspawn. For example, it is said that a godspawn Dejy sorcerer from the Khydoban led a short but eventful life within living memory, while a godspawn sage attempted to gain complete control of a secret society some one hundred years ago, bringing a terrible focus and dedication to this group of recluses. Even further in the past, before the division of the Brandobian Empire, a half-elven godspawn wizard of exceptional beauty and grace led the Empire's armies to war against the hobgoblins of the Odril Hills.

The character known as a Godspawn has divine blood somewhere in their heritage. Whether first-generation or merely a pure descendent through many generations, the character is especially blessed with the power of his immortal forbearer.

Godspawn (60BP)
  • Couth and Comely: Godspawn begin with +1 to Looks and Charisma. When rolling for height, add +10% to the percentile roll.
  • Alignment-bound: Godspawn are strongly inclined towards the alignment of their forebear. If they do not bear the alignment of their forebear, then their rating for “adherence to alignment” is halved; a CE spawn of the The True will be rated only a 5 for adherence to alignment if they play their alignment perfectly. If they do share the alignment of their forebear, then they receive 1 less honor for any rating below 7; a 6 rating results in only 1 honor, a 5 in no honor gain, and a 4 in -1. Furthermore, at the GMs discretion, they may lose an additional point of honor when honor penalties are due to a variance from their forebear’s alignment (so the aforementioned spawn of the True would lose an additional point of Honor for using poison).
  • Eternally Anointed: Godspawn are always considered anointed to their divine forebear. They can become anointed, or even invested, to other deities if they wish, but they always respond to divine spells as if anointed to their forebear. However, they may be burned by holy water belonging to enemy faiths of their forebear. Such Holy Water will inflict 1d4p damage, but that is mitigated by any DR the character may have, save that provided by their own hide (so, a Godspawned half-orc with the tough hide trait would receive the benefit of their chain mail armor, but not of their tough hide). Of course, if the attack circumvents the armor (such as forcing the godspawn to drink the holy water), then the armor has no effect.
  • Health and Longevity: Godspawn automatically have twice the maximum variable for longevity for their race (for example, dwarves are usually 250+3d10 years; a godspawn dwarf has a maximum age of 310; 250 + twice the maximum of 3d10). They have the Age Gracefully talent. Additionally, they receive +2 to saving throws against Poison, and to severity and communicability checks against disease. Additionally, they gain the benefit of the Fast Healer talent.
  • Forebear’s Favor: The Godspawn may, once per week, invoke the Bless spell upon themselves or another character. This spell is cast as if the Godspawn was a cleric in all respects.

Immortal Descendant

The character descends not from a god but from an immortal agent of one of the gods or other powerful divine servant. These beings of extreme power interact with mortals more frequently than the gods, but their bloodlines rarely last as long as that of a true god. As a result, their immortal descendents are no more common than true divine offspring.

Characters with an immortal heritage tend to be visually exceptional. The character might have hair of an unusual color, striking eyes, or be exceptionally tall or attractive. They might have a highly memorable and easily identified voice or a birthmark that recalls their unique ancestry.

Immortal descendants are rare, but they occasionally appear in Svimohzia and Brandobia, particularly in Pel Brolenon. They infrequently surface in Kalamar or the Reanaaria Bay area. They are perhaps most rare in the Wild Lands and the deserts and jungles of Tellene.

Immortal Descendant (30BP)
  • Striking Looks: Immortal Descendants receive a +1 to Looks.
  • Immortal Health: Immortal descendants receive some benefit of their forebear’s extraordinary origin. They receive a +1 to saving throws against poison, and to severity and communicability checks for disease. They also receive the Fast Healer Talent.
  • Minor Magic: The Immortal Descendant has a legacy of magic; their forebear’s nature manifests as a single spell that they are able to call on, once per day. They have a single apprentice-level magic-user spell that they may cast as if they were a rogue, including all restrictions on uses per day, mishaps, armor use, and so forth. They should roll this spell from the Apprentice-level spells on page 335 of the Player’s Handbook, or some equivalent list approved by the Game Master. If the player wishes, they may spend an additional 10 BP to choose their spell trick, instead.

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