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Mawg of Druidia

(a serious work full of silly references)

The Mawg are a race of semi-canine humanoids from the Tatoyo System, inhabiting planet they call Druidia (Tatoyo-3). They are moderately integrated with the galaxy at large, with a belief system somewhat resembling that of the Ithorian conception of the “Mother Jungle”; they consider Druidia to be a living planet, and attempt to live in harmony with it. As such, modern Druidia has very little galactic-level technology on its surface, relying on space elevators and a few, limited, landing facilities, with most of their industry being located in orbit. Many Mawg live out their lives upon Druidia, but even those have a basic familiarity with tech; they are not technologically deprived, like the Ewoks, simply somewhat reticent to make use of extensive technology when other solutions are available.
Physically, the Mawg tend to be a hair under two meters and about 100kg, with extensive body hair (except for their face, neck, and the palms of their hands), meter-long, non-prehensile tails, and expressive ears on the top of their heads. Their feet are plantigrade, and they often wear shoes when not on Druidia. They lack either claws or significant, biting, teeth. Some believe Mawg are near-humans, possibly the result of genetic manipulation in the distant past, granting the species the traits of some local canines, but this is not confirmed (and the Mawg themselves do not believe it; for them, they were raised upon Druidia, by Druidia).

The Mawgs are led by a caste of ennobled priests, with a hereditary “King of the Druids” as their head of state. All their leaders must be sensitive to the “Spirit of Druidia” (known in the galaxy at large as the Force), and exceptional ability with the Force can ennoble a Mawg of any social order (simple Force sensitivity does not automatically ennoble one, however). Those born to the noble caste without sensitivity to the Force become members of the bureaucratic class. As a result of this, the Mawg also have a bent towards mysticism; those without Force sensitivity often seek to gain it, and those with Force Sensitivity seek to learn to “commune with the Spirit of Druidia” and learn Force powers. Many teachers of both exist within Mawg society, of varying ethics and efficacy, and while almost all Mawgs revere Druidia, their approaches to her worship vary considerably, from the meditative to the ecstatic.

Dexterity 2D/3D+2
Knowledge 2D/4D+1
Mechanical 2D/3D+2
Perception 2D/4D
Strength 2D/4D+1
Technical 2D/4D

Special Skills:
Mawg may also learn the Thrown Weapons and Primitive Construction skills of the Ewoks.

Special Abilities:
Superior Senses: Though Mawg are not particularly Perceptive creatures, they do have impressive senses of smell and hearing; they may add +1D to search rolls when smell or hearing are relevant (Gamemaster’s discretion).

Story Factors:
Tied to Druidia: While Mawg have a generally galactic-level of technology, they do not travel extensively outside the Tatoyo system, and their religious beliefs mean that many return to Druidia frequently. While it does not have a precise mechanical effect on non-Force users, a Mawg who has not returned to Druidia within a standard year will frequently find themselves homesick, unless they can connect with other Mawgs, which lessens the effect.

Mawgs and the Force
The Mawg conception of the Force is of something that emanates from Druidia herself, and suffuses the galaxy; to a Mawg Force-user, the Force is the spirit of Druidia, and long separation from Druidia makes use of the Force more difficult. Mawg force-users are known as Druids, and they are under the rule of the King of the Druids, just as the civil society is.

Beginning study of Druidism starts with Sense, and the Sense Force power, followed by Life Detection. These powers must be mastered by a Druid before others will be taught. Sense is followed by Control, which always begins with Concentration, then Emptiness. One must feel the Spirit of Druidia, and how she flows in life, and then to clear one’s mind and feel her flowing through you. Despite this, some of the Druid’s most impressive powers are based on Alter. Three of note are Call Lightning, Control Winds, and Wind Buffet, described below.

Proximity to Druidia plays a role in the Mawg’s use of the Force; unsurprisingly, as they consider Druidia to be the source of their power. Direct contact with the planet of Druidia (including both land and sea, and within the atmosphere) adds +1D to all Force Skills. Being in the Tatoyo System results in no modification to Force Skills. Leaving the Tatoyo System, however, causes the connection to Druidia to slowly degrade. For every standard month a Druid is away from Druidia, their Force skills will suffer a -1 penalty, capping at -2D.

Druids can combat this through several methods. Many will carry the soil of Druidia with them, with each kilogram of soil providing an additional month of connection (provided the Mawg can touch and interact with the soil regularly, and the soil is kept “living”, such as growing a plant from Druidia). As the soil itself is separated from Druidia, it, too, loses connection. It does not die; barring other circumstances, it remains viable soil; but it loses the ability to offset the Druid’s loss of connection. Druids may also slow the loss by communing with other Mawgs; spending at least six hours in close proximity and fellowship with other Mawgs will erase 1 point of penalty, but only if the Druid’s current penalty is -1D or above. Return to the planet of Druidia will heal this rift in time, reducing the penalty by 1 point per standard week, or by 1 point per standard hour if spent in emptiness. If limited to the Tatoyo system, the penalty reduces by 1 point per standard month, or 1 point per standard week if spent in emptiness.

Druidic Powers
Call Lightning
Alter Difficulty: Difficult in actively stormy conditions; Very Difficult if no storm is present, or the target’s Dodge roll, whichever is more difficult.
Required Power: Absorb/Dissipate Energy, Sense Force

By reaching out to the Force, the Druid can create a connection between a target and the primal power of the skies. This connection serves as a conduit, discharging a lightning bolt upon the target, which inflicts damage equal to the Druid’s alter skill. Armor provides is usual energy protection against this power, but droids are at -1D to resist it.
This power requires an open path to the sky and, unlike Force Lightning, does not necessarily result in a Dark Side Point.

Control Wind
Alter Difficulty: Difficult in a natural setting; Very Difficult in a ship or closed building
Required Power: Sense Force
This power may be kept “up”.
The Druid touches the Spirit of Druidia, asking her to redirect the winds over a large area. Outdoors, the wind is redirected in a direction of the Druid’s choice within 100 meters of the druid, changing the wind speed by kilometers per hour equal to the Druid’s alter roll. If the Druid is directly opposing a wind, those winds are reduced; if aiding a wind, or changing its direction by less than 90 degrees, the winds are increased. Many Druids working in concert can significantly alter the course of a storm, though they do not do so anymore; modern knowledge of weather patterns shows that such manipulation can have deleterious effects.
When inside, the power's area of effect is limited to three meters, and the alteration can be no more than 1 kilometer per hour unless a significant unnatural wind is present (such as in a wind tunnel). When the power is no longer kept up, the wind strength and direction returns to local conditions

Wind Buffet
Alter Difficulty: The opposed Strength or control roll of the Target
Required Power: Control Wind, Sense Force
Wind Buffet is a more limited form for Control Wind, providing a blast of air directly at a target. While not enough on its own to damage a person, it can slow their progress or knock them down.
The target opposes this power with either Strength or, if they have force powers of their own, Control. Armor provides no defense against this, and certain clothing (such as a poncho) might provide penalties to resist the wind. The Druid’s own Alter is rolled as if it were damage, but no damage is directly inflicted. Instead, a result of Stunned means that the target is unable to move against the force of the wind this turn, though they may move back or to the side. If the result is Wounded, the target is knocked prone. If the result is Incapacitated, the target is knocked prone and back a number of meters equal to the Druid’s Alter dice, while Mortally Wounded or killed will knock them prone, and back a distance equal to the Alter roll. Again, no actual damage is inflicted by the wind; the levels of damage are only used to determine the effect.

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