Friday, February 17, 2017

Four Magic Users

The December Dragonfoot contest was to create a group of four magic-users of about 4th level. I decided that a group of fourth level bards would be a fun option.

Drujjt, CN 4th level human bard (2e bard) S 17 D 14 C 15 I 13 W 8 Ch 16. HP: 25 AC: 5
Drujjt styles himself the "dummy" of the group; a stapping barbarian warrior, with blue tattoos over his face, chest, back, and arms, he most often wears bulky chainmail and furs (when the weather permits). Drujjt carries most of his gear in a large drum, which he unpacks for performances. Drujjt's spellbook is limited; he prefers scrolls, since he can use them when armored, and more camp-type spells, that he can cast at deliberation.
Spellbook: 1st - Alarm, Armor, Detect Magic, Read Magic. 2nd - Continual Light, Deeppockets, Strength. Italicized spells are usually memorized. Drujjt has a scroll with 4 spells, already decrypted with Read Magic, all at 10th level: Dispel Magic, Enchanted Weapon, Contact Other Plane, and Conjure Elemental
PP: 10 DN: 50 CW: 85 RL: 5
Drujjt's preferred weapon is a massive two-handed sword; it is +1, +2 vs, magic-using or enchanted creatures

Zerek, CN 4th level half-elf bard (2e bard) S 10 D 16 C 7 I 16 W 10 Ch 15 HP: 12 AC: 8 (4; Drujjt will cast Armor on him whenever it runs out)
The half-drow Zerek is the cleverest of the group, and the most inclined to magic; he occasionally laments that he didn't spend more time at his magical studies, and likes to pass off sleight-of-hand as actual magic tricks. He doesn't wear any armor, and mostly favors a variety of knives and daggers... which he prefers to throw to cover a retreat, rather than fight directly. Zerek plays a fiddle.
Spellbook: 1st - Detect Magic, Read magic, Charm Person, Friends, Hypnotism, Cantrip; 2nd Improved Phantasmal Force, Levitate, Darkness, 15' radius. He only has 2 scroll spells: Improved Invisibility and Polymorph Self, both at 10th level. He's saving them for emergencies.
PP: 45 DN: 20 CW: 50 RL: 45
Zerek is often accompanied by a Charmed bodyguard, but he prefers to switch them out frequently; usually human men, he likes them burly and dumb. His familiar, Blix, is a Raven, that he's taught to say the command word of a Ring of Energy, which allows it to shoot a jet of fire 50' for 2d8 damage (save for half) three times a day.

Gethek, NE 4th level human bard (2e bard) S 8 D 12 C 14 I 14 W 10 Ch 15 HP: 18 AC: 10 (6; Drujjt will cast Armor when he needs it)
About as unassuming as one can get and still be a Bard, Gethek prefers other means of making a living... he's primarily a freelance assassin, traveling with the others to find work. He tries to keep out of the limelight, and frequently acts as a manager for the group, setting up gigs that allow him to ply his main trade. Musically, he prefers a flute.
Spellbook: 1st - Detect Magic, Read Magic, Spider Climb, Sleep, Change Self 2nd - Invisibility, Bind, Wizard Lock. He has a scroll with 2 copies of Dimension Door... his back-up escape plan.
PP: 10 DN: 85 CW: 50 RL: 5
Gethek is proficient in knives, clubs, and darts. He has a Ring of Invisibility, with the rare bonus of also including Inaudibility.

Kassel, TN 4th level human bard, 7th level druid (2e bard, druid inactive dual-class) S 10 D 17 C 10 I 13 W 15 Ch 17 HP: 32 AC: 3
Spry despite his years, Kassel had a long career as a druid, before nominally leaving the order to take up as a bard; he's still a faithful druid, but it's not his main profession, these days. Actually well into his 70s, an encounter with a magical pool youthened him to his 40s. His progress as a bard is very slow; he hasn't really given up druidry, and so any experience he gains as a bard is almost happenstance. An accomplished vocalist, he also plays the gittern and the harp.
Spellbook: 1st - Read magic, Mount, Mending, Message 2nd - Stinking Cloud, Scare
Common Druid Spells: 1st - Entangle, Predict Weather, Shillelagh, Speak with Animals. 2nd - Cure Light Wounds, Charm Person or Mammal, Obscurement, Produce Flame. 3rd - Cure Disease, neutralize Poison, Summon Insects. 4th - Dispel Magic
Kassel carries a scroll with two copies of Reincarnate... one Druidical, one Magic-User.
PP: 15 DN: 20 CW: 50 RL: 70
Kassel most often carries an oaken walking stick as his preferred weapon. He wears a Phylactery of Long Years, and carries a Periapt of Health. He has a Bucknard's Everfull Purse (SP/EP/GP), and wears Bracers of Defense AC 6.
He travels with a large dog, befriended through Animal Friendship. An experienced fighter, the dog counts as a 4HD creature for HP, attacks, and saves.

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