Friday, February 17, 2017

Heavener Gilderstump, Lord of the Orcs

The first challenge, from March of 2016, was to create an Orc Boss.

Heavener Gilderstump, Gnome Illusionist\Thief

It was a simple idea, really. He didn't know quite how it gotten so out of hand. "Find a group of humanoids, blend in, and use them to become rich. Eventually, make a big show of taking them out and get famous."

And that, along with a Hat of Disguise and a few illusion spells, is how Heavener Gilderstump, Gnome Illusionist\Thief, became Ghortrash Foultongue, Scourge of the Mainway.

The Hat of Disguise let him pretend to be an orc, of course. A shortish orc, to be sure, but an orc. His martial training wasn't much, but it wasn't TOO odd for an orc to prefer a club or short sword to an axe, and it was better than many would-be orcish chieftains... especially if you poisoned them. Once you've killed the chief, Suggestions keeps anyone from challenging you, and you're set.

Did you know the chief is expected to have a raging appetite for orcish women? Like, all the time?

Heavener found himself rapidly improvising a great many things in his first days. Ghortrash was a eunuch, apparently, gelded by men, so he'd never have to have THAT night again. The hat had to become something else he never took off. He had to figure out how to smell like an orc... they just come up and sniff you! And there are so MANY. He thought it was just a few, but then he was the king of a tribe of hundreds and there were shamans and even a witch doctor and he found himself making speeches and the orcs had NO IDEA how to resist even basic rhetoric and so MORE orcs came and...

It's been six months. He doesn't have the power to take down a tribe by himself, so he just keeps leading these orcs, hoping he'll figure out a way out of here. He's desperately praying some adventurers will come, and is considering leading an invasion of civilized lands just to make them show up and kill all the orcs. Because at this point, he has not idea what to do.

Heavener Gilderstump, Gnome Illusionist/Thief 5/5
Str 12
Int 13
Wis 7
Dex 15
Con 15
Cha 14

HP: 20
AC: 9 (7 in Leather Armor)

Gear: Short sword +1, Leather Armor, Dagger, Club, Hat of Disguise
Thief Abilities: PP: 50 OL: 47 FART: 50 MS: 45 HS: 36 HN: 30 CW: 90 RL: 25
1st: Audible Glamour, Change Self, Dancing Lights, Darkness, Detect Illusion, Detect Invisibility, Hypnotism, Phantasmal Force
2nd: Blindness, Deafness, Magic Mouth, Misdirection, Ventriloquism
3rd: Suggestion, Non-detection

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