Friday, October 18, 2019

AD&D Warforged

Back-porting Warforged (a race from WD&D's "Eberron" setting; essentially, PC scale-golems) to AD&D. I'm making it an edition-less AD&D, not specifically 1e or 2e, since most races have their primary difference between editions in level limits, less so than mechanics.

Attribute Modifiers
Wisdom -1
Constitution +1
Charisma -2

Natural AC of 5
Immune to sleep, poison, and disease
Immune to Charm Person and other spells that target "Persons" (but not spells that target Monsters or Golems)
Immune to Fatigue and Energy Drain
Do not need to Eat, Sleep, or Breathe (still must rest for an appropriate amount of time to regain spells).

Cannot wear armor (natural armor does not interfere with casting).
Unless it specifically resizes, 20% of all worn magic items will not fit
Receive only half benefit from Cure X Wounds spells (rounded down)
Do not heal naturally, but may be healed by a smith at 10gp/HP and no more than 3 HP/Day. A Mending spell recovers 1 HP/level of the caster.
Vulnerable to Rust Monster attacks, taking 1hp/level/touch (so a 10th level Warforged will take 10 HP per touch of a rust monster), to a minimum of 1 HP/level (so a 10th level Warforged cannot be brought below 10 HP by a rust monster)
Take damage from spells that affect metal and wood.
Warforged are very heavy; while human in height, most are 300-400 pounds.

Level Limits (1e limit/2e limit)
Cleric 4/12
Fighter 8/16
Magic-User 3/8
Thief U/15
(Assassin; 1e 6)
(Bard; 2e 10)

Thief Skill Modifiers
PP -10
OL -5
FRT -5
MS -15
HS -5
CW +15
DN +10
RL +5

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