Friday, October 18, 2019

Psychic Monks

So, this is an idea that's been bouncing around for a while now; a monk whose discipline results in psychic powers, not inexplicable abilities. In many ways, these are similar to the standard monk. However, I've "normalized" them a bit, with no more than 10 d6 HD, and such matters.

Psychic Monk
Fights as: Thief
Saves as: Thief
Hit Die: D6

Attribute Requirements
15 Strength
15 Wisdom
15 Dexterity
11 Constitution

*Psychic monks gain all the usual attribute bonuses (Strength, Dexterity included)
*Psychic monks are limited to Lawful alignments
*Psychic monks may use weapons as per normal monks; they may not use armor.
*Psychic monks are limited in magical items and wealth as normal monks, but may use unlimited Grey Ioun stones, should they acquire them.
*Psychic monks are limited in henchmen and hirelings as normal monks, save for those monks acquired through challenges.
*Every month, there is a % chance equal to twice the monk's level that they will be challenged to single combat by another monk of their level plus 1d4-2 (meaning one level below to two levels above). It is traditional that the challenged monk sets the task, but failure in the challenge results in the loser being bound to the winner as a henchman (and student) for the next month. A psychic monk may challenge another psychic monk, of any level, no more often than once per level, win or lose. It is common for monks to challenge their superiors immediately before qualifying for a level, gaining training for their period of servitude. Monks who win a challenge are not challenged while the other monk serves as their henchman.

Thief abilities:
As thief of equal level
Open Lock
Find/Remove Traps
Move Silently
Hide in Shadows
Detect Noise
Climb Walls

Base Psychic Ability
Psychic Monks begin with psionic strength equal to the sum of their attributes.
If two of Wisdom, Intelligence, or Charisma are 17 or greater, that total is doubled
If all three of Wisdom, Intelligence, and Charisma are 17 or greater, that total is tripled.

Level HD Additional PSPs
1 1 Base Psychic Ability
2 2 +10
3 3 +10
4 4 +10
5 5 +10
6 6 +10
7 7 +10
8 8 +10
9 9 +10
10 10 +10
11 10+2 +10
12 10+4 +10
13 10+6 +10
14 10+8 +10
15 10+10 +10
16 10+12 +10
17 10+14 +10
18 10+16 +10
19 10+18 +10
20 10+20 +10

Psychic monks advance as Monks, though with the above challenge mechanic replacing the standard level challenges. After level 17, they require 500,000 XP per level of experience. For levels above 20, they acquire 2 Hit Points and 10 points of Psychic Strength.

At each level of experience, Psychic Monks gain two psychic powers, as determined by the chart below. Each monk follows an identical progression

Level Psychic Powers Gained
1 Body Weaponry (considered as fighters), Mind Blank
2 Id Insinuation, Energy Control
3 Animal Telepathy, Precognition
4 Body Equilibrium, Mental Barrier
5 Ego Whip, Thought Shield
6 Mind Over Body, Suspend Animation
7 Cell Adjustment, Mind Thrust
8 Object Read, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions
9 Mind Bar, Intellect Fortress
10 Tower of Iron Will, Levitation
11 Psionic Blast, Invisibility
12 Aura Alteration, Astral Projection
13 Psychic Crush, Etherealness
14 Dimension Door
15 Probablity Travel

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