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4th edition Ars Magica NPCs

A magus, two consortes, and grogs designed around two separate campaigns.

Andrei Kilianus

For the past three generations, the family Kilianus has produced magi for House Jerbiton. This constant reliance upon one family, and our involvement in their affairs, meant that our line has something of a bad reputation in Transylvania as meddlers, but no convictions have yet been made; just many, many accusations. It started with my great-great-uncle, Sergei, who was taken by Constantus scholae Jerbiton, and then turned around and deposed his own brother from the county seat, placing another nephew there. Sergei's filia was my aunt, Helena Kilianus, eldest sister of my father, Valdemar, and she labored hard to gain my father the hand of my mother. I am his eldest son, Andrei Kilianus, filius Helena Kilianus, filia Sergei Kilianus, filius Constantus scholae Jerbiton.

In my third year, my mother died bringing forth my younger sister, also a Helena. By the end of the fourth year, my father had married Dagny, a shrewish woman from the county Brasov. She soon had my brother, Radoslav Kilianus, and doted upon him, flesh of her flesh. For all that Helena and I were her husband's children, it seems that she hated us from Radoslav's birth, and raised her boy in her own image. I saw less of it; I was taken in my seventh year by my aunt to live in her apartments in Bucharest. It was not an arduous apprenticeship, as such things go. I was well cared for, certainly, and my aunt would spend her summers at our family home near Cluj Napoca. My father obviously favored me, especially, and it helped not that Dagny had become more shrewish as years went by, always speaking against myself and Helena; she regarded both of us as drains upon Radoslav's patrimony. Father would not hear of it, but I could tell that her harping was wearing on him, seeming frailer with each year that passed.

In the year before my Gauntlet, Valdemar Kilianus passed away. To me, he deeded the High Meadows, a half-hide of land on a plateau at the edge of the county, for my own and free of duties or taxes. Radoslav, now sixteen and a man of his own, immediately sent my "spinster" sister (only three years his senior!) to a convent. With mater Helena's help, I was able to secure her a comfortable position there, and maintain my patrimony, but it only confirmed the hatred Radoslav and Dagny carry for me.

After that, my Gauntlet was almost anti-climatic, and I settled upon the High Meadows. Fortuitiously, it has a slight magical aura, making it an ideal place for me to study my magics. At first, I was inclined to build my home, and use the land as pasturage for the raising of horses; my knack with domestic beasts and plants would have made it an ideal land for that, but I wasn't able to accquire adequate breeding stock, and lacked the ability to conjure it. As such, when some free peasants asked to be able to farm my land in exchange for rents, I turned the land over to them, saving only the most magical places (and those needed to provide me with a comfrotable living) for myself.
I've spent the past ten years in this fashion. My land is prosperous because, while I cannot directly increase its fertility, I do devote a season of each year to ensuring that my land is fruitful and the burden of my people is not heavy. With only two small families upon my property, it is easy to deal with all that needs to be done and not cost me my winter's study. Their rents are light because I have no family to support, and their safety is secured because they live under the protection of a fearsome wizard. I know my brother has married our other neighbor's daughter, and has several children. Mater Helena says that the youngest has potential, though he's only just weaned. She cannot take him; another sister had a spare daughter with the Gift, and so my mater is fostering her until it is time to take her as an apprentice. If I am to continue the tradition of my line, I should see to it that this boy is raised to be a magus, but I fear that it will reopen the festering wound between my brother and I.

Andrei Kilianus, scholae Jerbiton

Age: 32 [born 1169]
Int: +3 (brilliant)
Per: 0
Str: -1 (unathletic)
Sta: +1 (determined)
Pre: +1 (handsome)
Com: +3 (eloquent)
Dex: 0
Qik: -3 (unhurried)

Size: 0
Fatigue: 0

Personality Traits:
Genteel +2
Unhurried +2
Wrathful -1

Meddler with Mundanes 4 (in Transylvania, amongst Quaesitors)
Foul Enchanter 2 (amongst those who respect Radoslav)

*Wealth +3 (a Combination of rent and other income from his farm means that Andrei is very well off. The farm has a +3 magical aura, and his riding horse is affected by The Immaculate Beast, being exceptionally fast)
*Enduring Magic +3
*Close family ties +1 (About half of the family is on Andrei's side in the feud. This includes Helena, mater and magus, and Helena, sister and nun, as well as his uncle and two sisters; the last three are married, with the uncle being a knight who has retired to his manor, and his aunts being married to a minor noble and a well-to-do merchant)
*Affinity: Farms and Farm Animals +2
*Secret Vis Source +1 (The heart of the first animal slaughtered each harvest, on a certain stone behind the manor, contains 4 pawns of animal vis. Most years, Andrei uses this vis to enhance one farm animal through casting of The Immaculate Beast with a vis-boosted duration)

*Deleterious Circumstance: Major, Uncommon -2 (Andrei is unable to really affect wild animals; any spell cast directly upon a wild animal sees his roll reduced by half)
*Slow Caster -2
*Discredited Lineage -2 (Andrei's line is very well known for getting involved in its family's affairs. While there have been no convictions, yet, the Quaesitors are keeping careful eye on Andrei and Helena)
*Enemies -3 (Andrei's brother Radoslav and his mother actively hate him, and expend a fair amount of effort to keep him from prospering)
*Black Sheep -1 (While this may seem at odds with Close Family Ties, Andrei's family is quite split. His father's brother and sisters, as well as his own sister, support him against his half-brother, his step-mother, her father, and his half-brother's father-in-law).

Abilities: (XP are towards next level; specialties are in parenthesis)
Speak Latin 5 (nobles)
Speak Slavic 4 (nobles)
Scribe Latin 3+1 (short-hand)
Magic Theory 5 (Animal)
Parma Magica 2+1 (Corpus)
Magical Affinity: Farms and Farm Animals 3 (High Meadows) 2 XP
Craft: Farmer 3 (High Meadows)
Concentration 2 (Reading)
Hermetic Law 2 (and Mundanes)
Order of Hermes Lore 2 (House Jerbiton)
Artes Liberales 2 (History)
Philosophae 2 (agriculture)
Occult Lore 1 (Transylvania) 
Finesse 2 (Muto)
Etiquette 3 (Nobles)
High Meadows Lore 4 (geography)
Legend Lore 1 (Transylvania)
Faerie Lore 1 (Transylvania)  1 XP
Riding 1 (agility)
Bargain 1 (horses)
Leadership 1
Brasov County Lore 1+1
Speak Greek 1+1

Arts (XP is towards next level)
Cr 6, In 7 xp 2, Mu 8, Pe 5 xp 1, Re 6
An 6, Aq 5 xp 1, Au 6, Co 8, He 9 xp 4, Ig 5 xp 1, Im 5 xp 1, Me 5 xp 1, Te 6,Vi 5 xp 1

Spells (number in parenthesis is normal casting total)
From the Standard Grimoire:
*The Immaculate Beast MuAn 15 (+14)
*Alleviate the Serpent's Bite PeAn 5 (+11)
*Beast of Outlandish Size MuAn 15 (+14)
*Subtle Taste of Poison and Purity InAq 5 (+12)
*Chamber of Spring Breezes CrAu 5 (+12)
*Intuition of the Forest InHe 10 (+16)
*Repel the Wooden Shafts ReHe 10 (+15)
*Hornet Fire MuIg 10 (+13)
*Aura of Ennobled Presence MuIm 10 (+13)
*Notes of a Delightful Sound MuIm 5 (+13)
*Unseen Porter ReTe 10 (+12)
*Edge of the Razor MuTe 5 (+14)

Standard Spells altered by Andrei
*Circling Winds of Protection ReAu 15 (+12)
Duration changed to Diameter
*Intuition of the Field InHe 10 (+16)
As Intuition of the Forest, but applies to fields instead
*The Crystal Dart MuTe (Re) 15 (+14) (mastered)
Duration changed to Diameter. A new target may be chosen each round, during the melee phase, but each new target requires a new targeting roll.

Spells invented by Andrei
*The Shepherd's Eye InAn 5 (+13)
As the InCo spell "Revealed Flaws of the Mortal Flesh", but applied to Animals. Range: Touch/ Duration: Momentary/ Target Individual

*The Vinter's Touch MuAq 5 (+13) (Req: An or He)
Turns any natural liquid into wine, with a Int + Finesse stress roll determining quality. If someone else casts the spell, without vis boosting, the wine has the added benefit of not causing a hangover when drunk, as it turns back to its original form at the end of the duration. Andrei, however, can only rarely enjoy this advantage, as the lengthened duration of the spell means its damage is done before the spell wears off.
Botch: Vinegar
3+: Poor quality
6+: Average Quality
9+: Good quality
12+: Excellent quality
Range: Touch
Duration: Sun/Instant
Target: Individual (one amphora, wineskin, etc.)
Focus: a Drop of wine (+1, which adds to the Finesse roll, as well)

In addition to his lab note books, Andre has the following books in his library:
*Records of the Freeholding of High Meadows (Tractatus, High Meadows Lore (Business), level 5, quality 6)
*On Divination (Summa, Intellego, level 5, quality 4)
*The Airy Sphere (Summa, Auram, level 7, quality 4)
*Mastery of Field and Forest (Summa, Herbam, level 14, quality 8)

Spell Texts (That he hasn't learned yet):
MuAq10 Water of the Ineffable Sweetness
ReAu15 Broom of Winds
ReIm15 The Captive Voice
MuVi20 Wizard's Communion
ReVi10 Maintaining the Demanding Spell

Hyrcanus Father-killer

My folk have lived in the high reaches of the Carpathian Mountains as long as anyone can recall; we were here before the Romans, according to our kin, the Wolfen. We live by hunting and trapping, using our wits, the tools we can make or trade for, and the gifts the Wolfen have given us. Unlike many clans of the hills, my mother's clan remained pure in our Wolfen blood, and kept good ties with the Fae; none of our own succumb to the Curse of the Lycan for long.

My father's clan, though, was brutal, often raiding both Wolfen and human when the winters grew cold and the days grew short. Mother was carried off by father's people, and used badly before she was rescued by my grandfather. Two of my uncles were forced to take the silver from that, having fallen to the Curse of the Lycan. I grew to be healthy and happy with my mother's folk; though not especially strong, I was quick to learn and long of wind, able to exhaust prey that others might catch through quickness. I also had other gifts from the Wolfen; I can heal from near death before the moon goes from new to half, and the woods themselves welcome me as if I were Wolfen-born, instead of simply Wolfen-blood.

In the winter of my seventeenth year, my father's clan returned from their usual haunts. Their curse had swelled their numbers, so they were five to our one, including our young and elders. They attacked in the full of the moon, and sought to take away my sister, to use her as they'd used my mother. Young and full of righteous anger, I flew towards their leader, my father, a blade of silver blistering my hand. I chopped three times, each time earning a bite from his cursed jaws, each time drawing a spray of blackened blood from his cursed flesh. On the fourth strike, I slew him, severing his head, leaving his flesh to hiss as the silver drove the wolf from him.

I looked up from my kill, and saw that I was all that remained of my mother's clan. Outnumbered as they were, all had perished before the onslaught of Lycans under the full moon. Another Lycan, who I now know to be my uncle Lucjan, actually slipped from Lycan form, blurring into a giant of a man, his clothes (how did he keep his clothes?) festooned with what I thought must be magical talismans. I could see the anger that burned in his eyes as he surveyed his dead brother. He gestured at me, causing pain which robbed me of my mind, robbed me of my sense. Instinctively, I hurled the silver sword I still clutched in my hand. The force of my throw buried the sword in his thigh, ending his concentration upon my torment, allowing me to flee into the night.

That has been three winters ago. I was often forced to abandon my human clothes to hunt as a Wolfen might, but I have grown skilled at living on the run. For, you see, my uncle has followed me. Five times, now, he has nearly caught me, and I grow weary of running. Soon, I think, I must confront him, and he must be slain to avenge my mother's people.

Description: Quite delibrately, Hyrcanus removes his hands from his sleeves. They seem greyed, as if he'd been digging in soot. He then removes his hood, and it is obvious that he is not fully human. His features are sharp, his skin grey. His hair is black, and a short, black beard runs along his jaw-line, not more than a fingers-width outlining his face, making it seem all the more feral. His eyes are large and luminous, gloriously golden in color, with no white at all, just flecks of black. When he speaks, his voice is a whisper, so as not to carry to any outside, and it is through teeth that are a tad too long, a trifle too pointed, and with a tongue that is far too flat to be human.

Hyrcanus Father-Killer

Age: 21 [born 1180]

Int: +1 (cunning)
Per: +2 (intuitive)
Str: 0
Sta: +2 (strong-willed)
Pre: -1 (alien)
Com: -1 (stand-offish)
Dex: +1 (lithe)
Qik: +1 (smooth)

Size: 0
Fatigue: +2
Soak: +3 (+3 damage from silver)

Personality Traits:
Vengeful +3
Wolf +2
Survivor +3

*Ways of the Woods +4
*Strong Wolfen Blood +4 (This blood makes Hyrcanus very visibly related to the Wolfen, giving his ears a distinct point, and his skin a light greyish tone. His eyes are yellow, but reflect green in the night. He posses the virtues of Faerie Eyes, Faerie Sight, and Animal Ken, gains a +3 to natural resistance rolls against magic, may transform into a normal wolf at will, and will begin aging at 50, as per the Strong Faerie Blood and Wolfen Blood virtues)
*Healing +2 (Instead of the standard Healing Virtue, Hyrcanus is able to heal himself very rapidly. He is able to heal 1 Body Level of damage per day, but only to himself. It costs 1 less virtue point than normal due to his strong Wolfen blood).

*Vulnerable to Silver -1 (as the faerie flaw Vulnerable to Iron, save that the damage from Silver weapons is increased by 3 points. This is a -1 flaw to because of the rarity of silver weapons, and because of the influence of his Strong Wolfen Blood)
*Plagued By Werewolf -4 (Hyrcanus's uncle, who is some sort of magician, still persues him)
*Outsider -3 (Hyrcanus's appearance is very noticeable without his hood; grey skin, golden eyes which reflect the light, and a light covering of dark hair)
*Enemies -1 (Hyrcanus's uncle has stirred up all Lycans against him; while these enemies are powerful, they are usually only a threat during the full moon)
*Strong Faerie Nature -1 (This affects most of Hyrcanus's preternatural abilities; Ways of the Woods, Animal Ken, and Faerie Sight are all affected by the strength of the local aura. He must make a Stamina roll equal to the strength of an Infernal Aura, or twice the strength of a Dominion Aura in order to rapidly heal or change shape in those areas.)

Abilities (XP is amount towards next level; specialties are listed in parenthesis):
Speak Slavic 5 (listening)
Brawling 3
Faerie Sight 2 (Wolfen)
Animal Ken 2 (Wolves)
Single Weapon 1 (Spears)
Athletics 2 (run)  1 xp
Awareness 2 (scent) 1 xp
Stealth 2 (wolf) 1 xp
Hunt 2 (wolf) 2 xp
Survival 3 (wolf)
Carpathian Mountain Lore 2 (shortcuts) 2 XP
Legend Lore 2 (Lycans)
Sing 1 (howl)
Wolf Brawl 4 (bite) 0 xp
Faerie Lore (Wolfen) 2  2 xp
Speak Latin 2 0xp
Tirgue Mures Area Lore 1+1
High Meadows Lore 1+1

Dagger +4/+3/+4/+3
Shortspear +7/+3/+4/+3
Fur Hauberk

Wolf Form
Per: +5
Str: +1
Sta: +5
Dex: +1
Qik: 0
Size -1
Soak: +9 (*3/2 damage from silver)
Fatigue: +5

Bite/Claw +7/+9/+9/+7

The Institor Family
The Institors were driven out of Radoslav's county when the people accused Marketa of witchcraft. That was 9 years ago, soon after Marketa's husband died and she came to live with Jiri. In the past nine years, they've prospered greatly, though with one great sadness; Jiri's wife died a year ago, giving birth to her son, Sergei (named for an ancestor of Andrei, the magus who both saved his life and serves as the boy's godfather). Marketa spends most of her time watching after the baby, while Jiri tends to the bilberry bushes and the beehives, as well as several batches of wine and mead. For the past three years, Katerina has served as Andrei's secretary, after he taught her Latin. Normally level-headed, she has fallen in love with Andrei, but her mother and brother have mentally paired her with Jan Villicus, who she thinks is beneath her. The twins, loud-mouth Jakub and mute Petr, tend the sheep raised at the manor. They've found a cave, not much bigger than three paces by two paces, in an out-of-the-way corner of the property, where they stash their hoard of treasures (mostly pretty rocks, bird feathers, and the bones of small animals, but they have a truly giant turtle shell to hold it all in).

Marketa Institor, 52 years old, female
Int +2
Per +2
Str -1
Sta -1
Pre +1
Com +1
Dex +1
Qik 0

Virtues: Herbalism, Wise Woman, Blessing
Flaws: Arthritis

Speak Slavic 4
Brawl 1
Herbalism 5 (Healing)
Blessing 5 (children)
Chirurgy 4 (midwife)
Craft: Cook 4
Craft: Brewer 4 (potions)
Folk Ken 4 +4(women)
Guile 4
Storytelling 4 (children) 1 XP
Legend Lore 4 (Transylvania)
High Meadows Lore 2 (Herbs)
Speak Greek 3
Speak Hebrew 1+1

Jiri Institor, 22 years old, male
Int +1
Per +2
Str +1
Sta +1
Pre +1
Com 0
Dex 0
Qik 0

Virtues: Petty Merchant, Immunity to Insect Stings (Rare, Inconvienent, Total Immunity), Well Known
Flaws: Expenses (Andrei), Lost Love, Dependant (Sergei)

Speak Slavic 4
Brawl 1
Craft: Vinter 4+1 (High Meadows)
Craft: Brewer 4+1 (Mead)
Craft: Beekeeper 4+1 (good honey)
Wagoneering 1
Bargain 3 (alcohol) +1
High Meadows Lore 3 (bilberry bushes) 2 XP
Legend Lore 2 (Werewolves)
Speak Greek 3

Katerina Institor, 18 years old, female
Int +2
Per +1
Str -1
Sta -1
Pre +1
Com +2
Dex +1
Qik 0

Virtues: Educated, Clear Thinker, Common Sense
Flaws: Obligations (Andrei's Secretary), Curse of Venus (loves Andrei, is loved by Jan, who she considers beneath her)

Speak Slavic 4
Speak Latin 5 (listening)
Scribe Latin 4 (dictation)
Brawl 1
Etiquette 3
Concentration 3 (writing)
Forgery 2
Folk Ken 2
Bargain 1
Order of Hermes Lore 1 (gossip) 1 XP
High Meadows Lore 2 (Business) 2 XP
Speak Greek 2+1
Speak Hebrew 2+1

Jakub and Petr Institor, 15 years old, male
Int 0
Per +2
Str +1
Sta +1
Pre +1
Com -1
Dex +1
Qik +1

Virtues: Animal Ken, Secret Hiding Place, Self-Confident (Jakub)/ Sharp Ears (Petr)
Flaws, Jakub: Over-confident, oversensitive (slights to brother)
Flaw, Petr: Mute

Speak Slavic 4
Brawl 1
Animal Ken 2 (sheep) 1 XP
Animal Handling 3 (sheep)
Single Weapon 3+1 (club)
Thrown Weapon 3+1 (sling)
Silver Caves Lore 1 +1 (geography)
High Meadows Lore 3 (pasture) 2 XP
Sing 3
Speak Greek 1+1

Speak Slavic 4
Brawl 1
Animal Ken 3 (sheep)
Animal Handling 3 (sheep)
Single Weapon 3+1 (club)
Thrown Weapon 3+1 (sling)
High Meadows Lore 3 (pasture) 3 XP
Sing 3
Play Pipes 3
Speak Greek 1+1

Sergei Institor, 4 years old, male

The Villicus Family
The Villicus family has grown greatly since coming with Andrei to the High Meadows ten years ago. Andrei's open-handedness (some might say acumen) means that their ox and milch-cow are both exceptional examples of their breed, and Stefan has even joked privately to his wife that their crop of children makes it seem like he blessed their family with his magic, as well. Stefan is happy working for Andrei, and his wife Anna enjoys serving in "The Master's" house, preparing meals for the entire village in the kitchen (even if Andrei frequently dines alone). Anna also makes the frequent market trips (usually with Jan, their eldest boy, along), using that time to renew her store of gossip of the neighboring counties. It was on one of those trips, before Jan was old enough to help on these trips, that she met a mysterious stranger in a small copse. He entranced her, and she gave birth to Martin nine months to the day later. She can never prove it, but she is positive the boy is fey blooded. Jan is absolutely monstrous in size, and abyssmal in intellect. Easily confused or convinced to do things, he is also enchanted by Katerina Institor, and often leaves her little gifts. The eldest daughter of the Villicus, Eva, is a born musician, and has a real weakness for any kind of vocal performance; song, story, even speeches, she'll devour them all. Martin is starting to show some magical ability, though he's not Gifted; he's also much smaller than his younger brother, Mikulas, who is mad for soldiery (Andrei is contemplating having him trained as a shield grog. taking advantage of his natural size and desire for learning, but he can't find a suitable teacher). Klara spends much of her time watching over the "babies" with Marketa Institor, and may be learning her folk magic, while Vaclav is growing up to be a mirror of his father (and is also larger than his older brother, Martin). Ludmilla, Cezar, and Andrei are all growing, but are not quite real people, yet; Katerina Institor is thinking to ask if she can teach one or more of them to read and write when they grow a little.

Stefan Villicus, 36 years old, male
Int 0
Per +2
Str +2
Sta +2
Pre -1
Com -1
Dex 0
Qik 0

Virtues: Large, Prosperous Peasant, Weather Sense
Flaws: Expenses (Andrei), Dependant -2 (the children)

Speak Slavic 4
Brawl 2
Weather Sense 4+2 (cold snaps)
Craft: Farmer 6 (High Meadows)
Wagoneering 3
Animal Handling 3 (slaughter)
Carouse 3
Legend Lore 3 (Transylvania)
High Meadows Lore 3 (fields) 1 XP
Great Weapons 3+2 (scythe)
Speak Greek 2+1

Anna Villicus, 32 years old, female
Int 0
Per +1
Str 0
Sta +1
Pre +1
Com +2
Dex +1
Qik 0

Virtues: Gossip, Busybody
Flaws: Dark Secret (one of her children is not her husband's), Dependants -2 (the children)

Speak Slavic 4
Brawl 1 (defense)
Folk Ken 4 (gossip)
Guile 3
Intrigue 4 (gossip)
Bargain 4
Craft: Cook 5
Etiquette 3
Animal Handling 2
Wagoneering 2
Chirurgy 3
High Meadows Lore 1

Jan Villicus, 17 years old, male
Int -3
Per +1
Str +3
Sta +3
Pre -1
Com -1
Dex +1
Qik +1

Virtue: Giant Blood
Flaws: Simple-minded, Weak willed, Soft-hearted

Speak Slavic 4
Brawl 1
Craft: Farmer 4 (High Meadows) 2 XP
Animal Handling 3 (cattle)
Athletics 3
High Meadows Lore 3 (fields) 1 XP
Great Weapon 3 (scythe)
Speak Greek 2+1

Eva Villicus, 15 years old, female
Int 0
Per +1
Str -1
Sta -1
Pre +2
Com +2
Dex +1
Qik +1

Virtues: Carefree, Free Expression, Strong Willed
Flaws: Weakness (vocal performances), small frame

Speak Slavic 4
Brawl 1
Sing 3+1 (ballads)
Storytelling 3+1 (adventure stories)
Folk Ken 3
Guile 2
Charm 3+1
Athletics 1 (run)
Legend Lore 1
High Meadows Lore 1
Speak Greek 2+1

Martin (12, male; Faerie Blood, small frame), Mikulas (11, male; Large), Klara (10, female), Vaclav (9, male; Large), Ludmila (8, female), Cezar (5, male), Andrei (3, male)

Ferdinand de Palma

Ferdinand de Palma would have grown up a quiet, happy childhood on the shores of Majorica, in a village just south of the city of Palma. As he was growing, he often teased and taunted the little witch-boy Alvar, who wandered far from the village each day, no doubt conferring with dark spirits and dark men. One day, he dragged in a man who had been wounded in a sea wreck. This man took Alvar's already evil soul and twisted it against his own people, luring him off. The people of Ferdinand's village were glad to see him go.

They were glad, at least, until Alvar's dark pirate friends attacked. They sacked the village, killing men, raping women, and carrying off those they found as slaves. Little Ferdinand, a man who was barely more than a boy, was slashed once across the face, the blade laying him open to the bone. As he lay there bleeding, he listened to his father die and his mother and sisters cry and scream as the pirates took them again and again. Certain he was dying, he swore to rid Majorica of pirates, especially Alvar, the witch-boy.

Luck was with Ferdinand, though. The next day, the iterant priest who serviced the village made a stop in what was left of his little village, and heard Ferdinand's delirious moans. He nursed Ferdinand back to strength in the ruins of the tiny chapel that served as the church, and then took him back to Palma, to be educated in the dilapidated cathedral's school. Ferdinand spent six years in the school, learning to speak Latin and Catalan, as well as other things that he has forgotten over the years. Though he returned to full health, nothing could erase the scar that marred his once-beautiful face, or take the haunted look from his eye. He left the cathedral to pursue a career as a warrior, a driven man. He knew that he would die at the hands of those who practiced magic... perhaps not the black arts that Alvar had so long employed on those in their little village, but his death would not be one of age or steel.

For six years, Ferdinand de Palma fought. He fought in the Holy Wars, a mercenary with the Third Crusade, as well as working for the lords of small cities and townships, rooting out pirates from their havens. As his skill grew, he attracted others who followed him warriors of perhaps less magnificent destinies, but of equal worth.

All the time, he kept his ears open for news of Alvar de Palma, following him through apprenticeship, through his name-change to hide his crime, finally back to the island of Majorica and a small covenant of Magi. Ferdinand knew of the magi, and knew that not all were in league with the Dark One but he knew this of Alvar, now called Caelum. And Alvar would pay for what happened to his mother, his sisters, his father their entire village. Now, only to get close enough to him to strike

Ferdinand de Palma
Int 0
Per +1 (Alert)
Str +2 (Hardened)
Sta +1 (Determined)
Pre 0
Com 0
Dex +1 (Finely coordinated)
Qik +1 (Lightning Rushes)

Age: 26
Decrepitude: 1
Size: 0
Confidence: 3

Male, with black hair, dark skin and very dark eyes. Across his face is an ugly looking scar that runs from just above his right eye to his collar bone. The scar has never fully healed, and tends to look ragged and painful, even though it no longer bothers Ferdinand in the least.

Virtues and Flaws
Mercenary +2
Well-traveled +1
Veteran +3
Educated +1
Tough +1
Decrepitude -2 (old wounds)
Hatred -1 (Caelum of Bonisagus)
Disfigured -1 (facial scarring)
Driving Goal -1 (destroy pirates)
Sense of Doom -3 (death by magi)

Speak Arabic (Baleric) 5
Single Weapon (Longsword) 3
Brawl (Discipline) 3
Shield and Weapon (Longsword and Round Shield) 4
Longshaft Weapon (Spear) 2
Leadership (Mercenaries) 4
Speak Latin (Church Usage) 3
Scribe Latin (reading) 2
Speak Catalan (insults) 3
Speak Norman French (battlefield) 2
Speak Provencal (battlefield) 2
Scribe Arabic (reading) 2
Athletics (endurance) 3
Awareness (Ambushes) 2
Bargain (for services) 2
Carouse (staying sober) 2
Ride (battle) 2
Swim (sea) 2
Majorica Lore (Palma) 2
Chirgury (binding wounds) 2
Stealth (ambush) 2
Storytelling (war stories) 1
Personality Traits
Cold +1
Driven +2
Honorable +3
Brave +1
Humorless -1
Longsword, Round Shield, Dagger, Spear, Half Chain Mail, Warhorse named "Lusignan"

Aleksandra Ivanova was born in Kiev, the daughter of an innkeeper and a woman whose fey-touched beauty had made her an early target for pimps. Her father was a conscientious man, however, and he took in the child, raising her in the kitchen and the common room of his little establishment. From an early age, Aleksandra attracted too much attention she was the sort that folks just wanted to pick up and hold, always cute and sweet, always ready to cajole a story out of whoever stopped by the inn. As she grew in a beautiful woman, though, her father saw that the laps she was pulled into were increasingly less those of grandfathers who wanted someone to listen to their tales, and the stories she heard were not often the type that enthralled her as a child. He knew something must be done, and began to seek her a husband.

Before a suitable man could be found, though, Aleksandra's heritage took action. Sitting near the fire one night, listening to an old, half-blind minstrel, she felt a stirring in her young, yet ancient, blood. She wanted to go and see these wondrous places that she had heard of in the stories, to do the great deeds they told about. That night, beneath a witching moon, she slipped out of her window, a small bag over her shoulder and a dagger in her belt, determined to become a wandering storyteller, herself.

The life of a wandering storyteller, unfortunately, was a hard one. Few men were interested in her tales few women cared to have anything to do with her. Her only audiences were children, and one can hardly make a living off the bits of sweetmeat and apples that children trade in. After fighting off a soldier who decided that he was in love with her, she decided that the life of a mercenary was the one for her. After all, the stories made it seem easy how hard could it be?

For two years, she learned how hard it is to be a female mercenary, having to fight for each scrap of respect, having to wound comrades who thought of her as little more than a camp follower. The hardship, however, did nothing to dampen her spirit, a spirit which attracted the sometimes morose Ferdinand. She was attracted to the fact that he wasn't attracted to her, and the two became fast friends. For now, Aleksandra fights with Ferdinand's band, a solid archer and a pleasant companion, but it's only a matter of time before her blood starts calling to her to move on� how much time, though, perhaps not even God is sure.

Aleksandra Ivanova

Int 0
Per +1 (sharp eyes)
Str +1 (Toned)
Sta 0
Com 0
Pre +3 (Stunning)
Dex +1 (Lithe)
Qik +1 (light-footed)
Age 19
Size: 0
Confidence: 3

Female with long, blonde hair and stunning green eyes, Aleksandra is also possesses a beautiful body, hardened and toned by years of fighting. A truly beautiful woman, she is nonetheless slightly naive, believing the best of people, sometimes to the point of absurdity.

Virtues and Flaws
Sidhe Blood +2
Veteran +1
Hired Sword -1
Curse of Venus -2

Speak Rus (Kiev) 4
Brawl (dagger) 2
Carouse (drinking songs) 2
Bows (long bows) 5
Single Weapon (Short Sword) 3
Sing (Ballads) 3
Storytelling (Epics) 3
Stealth (sneak) 3
Speak Arabic (Mercenary) 3

Personality Traits
Restless +1
Cheerful +2
Likes Stories +3
Brave +2
Long bow and several quivers, dagger, short sword, Heavy Leather Hauberk

David was a promising student at the Yeshiva in Palma many years ago, though few liked him. He had the will and talent to become a doctor, but he could find none who would teach him, each finding a way to turn him away after only a few months. Finally, he began to sell his fledgling skills to mercenary bands, armies, and anyone in need, gaining from practical experience the training he couldn't get from others. When he was last in Palma, he met up with Ferdinand, who saw in him great promise and skill. Ferdinand offered him a place in their band, saying that every group should be as lucky to have a chirgeon, no matter what his religion. David now clings to Ferdinand, eager to please almost to the point of obsequiousness, knowing that, without Ferdinand, the rest of the band would be happy with or without him.

David the Jew 
Int +2 (brilliant)
Per +1 (notes details)
Str -1 (small)
Sta -1 (easily winded)
Com 0
Pre +1 (gentle face)
Dex +2 (deft hands)
Qik +1 (quick fingers)

Age: 30
Size 0
Confidence 3

A fairly small man, David possesses dark eyes and hair, as well as a rather prominent nose. He is known to mutter in Hebrew while he works, a fact which does little to calm his mostly Christian clientele.

Virtues and Flaws
Educated in Yeshiva +1
Veteran +1
Cautious with Chirugy +1
Outsider: Jew -2
Judged Unfairly -1

Speak Hebrew (Academic) 4
Scribe Hebrew (Medicine) 4
Speak Catalan (Palma) 4
Brawl (defense) 1
Carouse (Games of Chance) 1
Speak Arabic (Palma) 4
Scribe Arabic (translating) 2
Chirugy (Binding wounds) 4
Medicine (Physician) 3
Jewish Theology (Talmud) 2
Storytelling (Jewish Stories) 1
Philosophae (Natural Philosophy) 1
Lectio (Talmud) 2
Disputatio (Debate) 2
Bargain (Medical Goods) 2
Speak Greek (Medical Terms) 3
Scribe Greek (translating) 2
Sing (Synagogue) 1
Folk Ken (calming people) 1

Reputation: Jew 2

Personality Traits:
Loyal (to Ferdinand) +3
Caring +2
Non-violent +1

Knife, medical supplies, book of medical notes written in Hebrew (functioning as a level 2 Liber quaesitonum for both Chirugy and Medicine, but of only Quality 3, because of his cramped handwriting, lack of illustration, single color of ink, etc.)

Rolf Ivarson was raised amongst the Norse population of Byzantium, raised to be one of the elite guards of the Emporer. Soon after reaching manhood, however, Rolf was taken by a hereditary curse that had first befallen an ancestor raiding a grugachan's clan in the Hebrides. For several years, he lived as a boar, remembering little of his human life and living free as a beast. When he regained his mannish form, he found that it would not keep for long; he would still turn into a boar for the duration of a full moon. While in Palma, he heard that Ferdinand's band was going to seek employment from some magi. He hopes that they can break the curse which has plagued him, returning to him a normal life.

Rolf Ivarson (the statistics in parenthesis are his when in boar form. Specialties apply only to human form)
Int -1 (-2) (dense)
Per +1 (-1) (watchful)
Str +3 (+5) (big muscles)
Sta +2 (+6) (tough)
Com -2 (-) (tongue-tied)
Pre -1 (-) (unclean)
Dex +1 (0) (sure motion)
Qik -1 (0) (lumbering)

Age: 23
Size: 0
Confidence: 3

Rolf is large, though not as large as Carles. His red hair and beard are often unkempt, and he smells like a pig sty even when in human form.

Virtues and Flaws
Reserves of Strength +2
Berserk +1
Hired Sword -1
Lycanthrope (Boar) -2

Speak Norse (curses) 4
Brawl (dodge) 2
Carouse (power drinking) 2
Speak Greek (Byzantine) 4
Two Weapons (axes) 4
Single Weapon (axe) 4
Throwing Weapon (axe) 3
Speak Arabic (simple sentences) 2
Athletics (running) 2

Personality Traits
Angry +3
Gruff +2
Boar +1
Brave +3

Half suit of steel scale, 2 axes, one throwing axe

Alfonso, Sancho, Ramiro, Petro, and Carles are simple warriors from around the Balerics. While raised as fishermen, each joined in the battles against pirates with unusual vigor, finally making a career out of it. While none are thrilled to be dealing with a Jew (they're the ones who made the epithet stick� even Ferdinand catches himself saying it sometimes), and are uncertain about both the woman-warrior and the slightly unstable Northman, all are loyal to each other and the company.

Int -1
Per 0
Str +1
Sta +1
Com -1
Pre -1
Dex 0
Qik +1

Age: 21
Size: 0 (Carles is +1)
Decrepitude: 1
Confidence 3

Each of the five is generally dark haired and large featured, being the typical Baleric mix of Spaniard and Moor. They tend to have a rather crude, workmen's sense of humor, and tend to hang out together when not actively made to work.

Virtues and Flaws
Veteran +2
Hired Sword -1
Decrepitude -2
Varies +1

(Alfonso: Versatile sleeper; Sancho: Light Sleeper; Ramiro: Tough; Petro: Keen Vision; Carles: Large)

Speak Arabic (Baleric) 4
Brawl (fisticuffs) 4
Carouse (drinking songs) 3
Longshaft weapons (spear) 4
Missile Weapons (slings) 4
Chirugy (binding wounds) 2
Craft: Fishing (nets) 2
Swimming (seas) 2
Athletics (on boats) 2
Climb (rigging) 2
Awareness (keeping watch) 1
Baleric Lore (gepgraphy) 2

Personality Traits
Brave +2
Industrious -1
Loyal to company +1

Leather scale hauberk, Spear, Sling.

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