Saturday, February 1, 2020

Gnome Titans Revisited

I think the gnome titan race got the short end of the stick, design-wise... that 10% XP penalty is a doozy... so I made a couple changes to the standard Gnome Titan to bring them up to speed, as it were; two bonus skill purchases, one more cheap talent, and a change if they roll for a quirk/flaw.I still think the 10% XP penalty is a doozy, though. 

Gnome Titans at a Glance
Ability adjustments
-1 Strength
+2 Constitution
-1 Charisma

Gnome Titan Pros
*Considered size Large for knock-back purposes when fighting giants and giant-kin (trolls, ettins, Cyclopes, bugbears, grevans, gnoles and ogres); gain additional +6 Defense bonus versus giants, ogres and trolls
*Gain the Attack Bonus of next higher level in class (i.e. a 1st level Gnome Titan uses the Attack Bonus of a 2nd level Fighter)
*Low light vision
*+4 defense bonus
*+1 Attack bonus vs. Goblins and Kobolds
*Groin Stomp proficiency
*One free purchase of Resist Persuasion and Intimidation

Gnome Titan Cons
*Poor reach (effective weapon reach is -1 foot)
*Character’s native language is Gnomish (must purchase any additional languages)
*Size small with regard to HPs (i.e. 5 hp + CON + class roll)
*Size small for knock-backs
*Due to their stature, gnome titans move at only half the rate of humans
*Inappropriate Sense of Humor Quirk
*Only earn 90% of any experience points awarded

Preferential talent access
May purchase the following Talents at 50% BP cost
Attack Bonus, Damage Bonus, Parry Bonus or Swiftblade (only for short swords or Warhammers), One-Upmanship

Altered Quirk/Flaw Table
A gnome titan who rolls the Quirk “Coward” may choose to forgo that quirk, and instead take the flaw Myopia, gaining the usual BP for that flaw.

Class Costs
Fighter: 20 
Fighter/Thief: 30 
Thief: 40 
Assassin: 50 
Fighter/Mage: 50 
Ranger: 50 
Rogue: 55 
Mage/Thief: 60 
Cleric: 75 (Serabal/Old Man 50, Klarrbapo/Powermaster 60)
Mage: 75 
Barbarian: n/a

Rationale: Gnome Titans are supposed to be stubborn and fighty; Resist Persuasion and Intimidation are in line with that. A combination of their martial training and emphasis on Honor means that One-upsmanship should be natural for them. Lastly, few gnome titans will be cowards, but most gnomes have Myopia. Since the gnome titan subrace is only a couple generations old, this makes it very unlikely that a gnome titan will be a coward, but a lot more likely they'll have vision problems.

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