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Rifts NPCs

Various characters from Rifts games past

Daggen Steelskull, Dwarven Techno-Wizard
A Dwarf's Story

Look, I done some bad things in my life. I've faced up to those, ya know? Ya can't go through this life hating yerself fer ev'rythin' that you done... ya just gotta face up to yer past and try ta make up fer it, anyway ya can.

Growin' up dwarf ain't easy. Fer one thing, it takes too bloody long. I spent all my time buildin' shit, and then takin' it apart... or the oth'r way 'roun'. I got tak'n in early by this weird ol' fart on de edge o' da settlement, who taught me how to build shit better. No need for some o' the shit normies gotta go through ta get their shit to work, just mumble some words, think about it, and the damn thing works. I could get used ta this kinda shit, I thinks, so I see what 'e can teach me.

I worked for that bastard for ten years, the last two of which he hemmed and hawed about teachin' me stuff, till I realized he couldn't. I stole what I could, left a note that said so long, and took his daughter with me for entertainment along the way... and ta keep him from followin' too close, like. She didn't like me too much, but she got docile enough when I blew the tree in half, then threaten'd ta do the same ta her. We had ourselves a real good time, ya see... gods, I wish I could take it all back, but can't, not after what... but I'm ahead o' meself.

I'm tooling along sout', this girl tied up behind me, when we get ta this town. Now, at da time, I spoke Gobbley real good, but on account o' dis (tapping his left eye), I don't know more. Some sorta brain damage when they put it in. But I'd getting ahead o' meself again. Like I was saying, these two big n' bads... brodkill, ya see... come jandering up, demanding me money and me woman. Now, I ain't stupid enough to fight these two, so I jess flipped a little switch on da panel and faded inta the shadows of da tree we by.

They starts ta howling, you'da think I'd shot 'em. But no, that's when this big, mean-ass dude floats over to 'em, screaming about how they's incompetents an' can't see me e'en though I's sittin' der, plain as day. So, being the cocky young shit I was in dose days, I yells at 'im "It's because you hire fuckin' morons ta do your work, Gold Knob" (dat last bein' on account o' him wearing dis big gold'n helmet... found out later he covers up all sorts a knobs an bumps on 'is 'ed with 'em)!

'E looks at me all funny, an I can feel him rifling through me head an' thoughts. He says ta me "You want a job?" I says back, trying ta sound all casual-like, since de odder two is seein' me now, "What's da work an da pay?".

"You gits ta play wit' machines and make 'em work better, but we tells ya how we want dem ta work. You gets all da shit ya need ta work, mebbee a bit more on da side, an' ya gets yer own crew ta order aroun'." Now, he din't talk like dat, naturally... 'e weren't so eloquent as me... but I wuz likken 'is words, anyway. So I's take da job.

We go backs ta this complex, ya see, an' they sets me ta work. Dey takes the girl away from me fer a bit, an' I start ta get a bit hot under da collar, but they's go on an tell me that they's jess gonna teach her right... sure enough, she comes back, docile as a sheep and followin' me ev'ry word... an' skilled at doin' most ennyting I ask o' 'er.

So, dey set me ta work, buildin' shit, makin' dere cyber-doo-dads, tinkerin' wit dem so they's gonna run better and do better stuff. It takes me a while ta git used ta workin' as small as dey want, but I do's it well ennuf.

Dat goes on fer years an' years, an' likely still wo'ld be, save what happen once. Dey's got me up on dis one robot, fixin' its arm. I's got me helmet on, an me straps, so I's thinkin' I's pretty safe. I musta crossed two wire's, do, cause dis big-ass arm jess suddenly trows me acrost da room, smackin' me inta da wall. If I hadn'tna had me brain-bucket on, I woulda been toast, I tells ya, but as it is, I jess get royally fucked up.. me head broken open and oozin' shit that shouldn't be oozing, ya know, an me eyes just poppin' like eggs unner a rhino-buffalo. Fortunately, de Angel o' Death, me employer, fixes me up, putting me head back ta gether wit steel an' ceramic, putting in some odder shit, like dese two new eyes an' dis high-tech headjack. In a coupla months, I's up an around agin, workin same as always...

But it ain't same as always. Like I see'n shit now that I jess looked over before, like da guys getting shit put in der heads dey don't want der, or dat da people who do wan' it in ain't exactly da nicest folks ta be aroun... not like me, right? Dey's jess plain _nasty_. So, sayin' I's goin out ta take care o' some tings, I takes da little girl I stole from 'er daddy all dose years ago, I drive out o' dat place, nacheral as can be.

Dis girl... ahhh, shit, da tings I put 'er tru... Well, when I tries ta make her go home, she won't. Wants ta stay wit me. So I takes her home, ties 'er up, and leaves 'er on da doorstep fer 'er daddy ta find. I hopes she's ok, but I couldn look at 'er, after all da wrong I done ta 'er.

I started out, den, not givvin a shit where I went, jess tryin' ta make up fer me past. Its gonna take mebbee more time dan I gots on any worlds. But I gots ta try.

Daggen Steelskull, Dwarven Techno-Wizard

IQ 22
ME 15
MA 3
PS 27
PP 15
PE 27
PB 5
Spd 7
Ht: 45"
Wt: 200#
Age: 40
HP: 34
SDC: 42
PPE*: (120) 96
ISP*: (40) 30
Unprincipled (Good) Alignment**

*The numbers in parenthesis represent his true total. The numbers outside the parenthesis are his total, modified for the extensive cybernetic alterations to his head.
**Result of Reborn Random insanity. Was Miscreant (Evil).

Appearance: Daggen is a medium-sized, but very thick and dirty dwarf. His face is covered with scars and patches of a full beard grow wherever the scars aren't. Some places on his head, steel is visible in patches where the skin refused to grow back. The upper left side of his face (around the eye) is covered by a plate, and neither of his eyes resemble anything remotely human... purely cybernetic eyes.

Natural Abilities and Bonuses:

+5% to all mechanical, military, electrical, and computer skills
+8% to all skills (High IQ)
Carry 540#/Lift 1080#
Throw 540# 9'
Run 35 yards/melee
Run ~24 mph for 27 minutes
Knowledge to build a White Star's Fusion Guns
+12 Damage
+1 strike
+24% vs. Coma\Death
+6 vs. toxin
+6 vs. magic
+2 pull punch
+2 roll with punch/fall/explosion
+2 parry
+2 dodge
+2 vs. HF

Cybernetics and Bionics:

Reinforced Skull: 5 MDC
-25% ISP, -20% PPE, total
Multi-Optic Eye (Right)
-Telescopic, 4x magnification, 6000' range
-Macro Lens, 8x magnification, 3' range
-Passive Nightvision, 2000' range
-Thermographic Imaging, 2000' range
-Light Filters (reduce glare)
-Targeting Display
Headjack with Ear Implant
-Can plug into most audio, sensory, robot, and computer equipment
Long range, wide band radio modification
-20 mile range
-100 mile range with antennae attached
-Can transmit own whispers, or voices within 6'.
Optic nerve implant
-Can transmit visual data
-Can view video data in his eyes
Psynetic Eye (Left)
-Mechanical Abilities
--6x magnification, 6000' range
--Passive night vision, 2000' range
--Laser Distancing, 6000' maximum
-Psionic Abilities
--See Invisible, 120' (constant)
--See Astral Beings, 20' +5' per level (constant)
--See Aura, 20' +5' per level (6 ISP per 30 seconds)
---+4 initiative, +2 dodge psionic attacks
--Electromagnetic Energy Blast
---20' +5' per level, +1 to strike
---3d6 SDC (6 ISP)
---1d4 MD (40 ISP)
---Can be used vs. astral beings
---51-100% chance to do double maximum damage, but shorts out the eye for 1d4 melees

Psionic Abilities:

Telemechanics: 10 ISP
-Range: Touch to 5'
-10 minutes +2 per level
-Instills 80% skill with all aspects of any machine used upon
-Instills 88% skill with all aspects of any artificially intelligent machine
Mind Block: 4 ISP
-10 minutes per level
-Immune to psychic probes and mind-based psionic attacks
-+1 save vs. all other psionic and mental attacks
Speed Reading: 2 ISP
-3 Minutes per Level
-Reads 15-30 pages per minute, depending on difficulty
Total Recall: 2 ISP
-Remembers everything about a given subject/time period, etc.


Blinding Flash
Globe of Daylight
Ignite Fire
Fuel Flame
Fire Bolt
Call Lightning
Energy Bolt
Energy Field
Impervious to Energy
Armor of Ithan
Eyes of Thoth
Energy Disruption


Native Languages:
-Speak and Read Dwarven: 98%
-Speak Dragonese: 93%
-Read Dragonese: 73%
OCC Skills:
-Speak German: 78%
-Read Techno-Can: 53%
-Radio: Basic: 68%
-Carpentry: 53%
-Computer Operation: 63%
-Computer Programming: 53%
-Computer Repair: 53%
-Basic Electronics: 63%
-Automotive Mechanics: 53%
-Read Sensory Equipment: 53%
-Mathematics: Basic: 78%
-Land Navigation: 53%
OCC Related Skills:
-Advanced Mathematics: 68%
-Electrical Engineer: 43%
-Robot Electronics: 48%
-Weapons Systems: 58%, +1 to strike
-Hand to Hand: Basic
Secondary Skills:
-Pilot Motorcycle: 72%
-Navigation: 53%
-Radio: Scramblers: 48%
-WP Blunt: +1 to strike and parry
-WP Energy Pistol: +3 to strike, aimed +1 to strike, burst

Equipment: (Items with an * are his own design)

TW Modified Plainclothes Armor Work Coveralls:
-AR: 19
-MDC: 12
-Armor of Ithan, eighth level
--10 PPE or 20 ISP
--32 Melee rounds
--80 MDC
-Escape, Eighth level
--8 PPE or 16 ISP
"Nice" (non-work) clothes
TW Modified Multi-optics band*
-TW Powered
-400th power magnification, 3' range
-Color Filters
-Other systems removed, replaced with
--Eyes of Thoth
---8 PPE or 16 ISP
---20 minutes
--Globe of Daylight
---2 PPE or 4 ISP
---6 minutes
TW Climb Harness*
-TW Powered Electro-adhesive pad on 60' of 600# test cable
-Mechanical, locking winch
-Climb Spell
--3 PPE or 6 ISP
--10 minutes
Magnifying Glass
TW Powered Pocket Flashlight
TW Powered Large Flashlight
6 signal flares
Mini Tool Kit
Knapsack, Backpack, 3 Small Sacks, 1 large sack
Pocket Mirror, Silver Cross, 6 wooden stakes, and mallet
Air Filter and Gas Mask
TW Powered Pocket Digital Disc Recorder
TW Powered Hand-held Computer
Spacer Suit
CA-3 MDC Armor, Dwarf Modified
NG-S2 Survival Pack
Grav Pack
Metal Spray
Molecular Bonding Gun
4 weeks of rations
2, 1 quart canteens

Weapons (Items with * denote own design)

Survival Knife 1d6 SDC
TW Modified Wilks Laser Pistol
-1000' range, +2 to strike on aimed shot
-2d6 MD
-10 blasts, recharge with Globe of Daylight and Energy Bolt (7 PPE total)
-Currently being heavily modified... unavailable for use
TW Modified Neural Mace*
-Normal use: 1d8 SDC + Stun, TW Powered
--Recharged with Globe of Daylight (2 PPE)
-Charged Use 1: 2d6 MDC + Stun
--Lasts 4 minutes after being activated
--Recharged with Call Lightning (15 PPE)
-Charged Use 2: 1d8 SDC + Energy Disruption
--Last 4 minutes after being activated
--Items struck must save vs. spells (12) or be off-line for 6 minutes
--Recharged with Energy Disruption (6 PPE)
-Can be used to parry energy attacks (Rifts Conversion Book, page 10)
Glitter-Steel Templar Sword
-+1 to srike -+2 to Parry -3d6+4 M/SDC damage
NE-300 "Stutterer"
-Not sure of precise stats
-20, 50 round clips (carries 2)


Dwarf Use and TW modified Wastelander Motorcycle
Tires: 1 MDC each
Main Body: 45 MDC
Magic/Electric Engine
-Top Speed: 120mph
-1000 mile range
-Recharged with Call Lightning (15 PPE)
Shadow Meld
-10 PPE or 20 ISP
-10 Minutes
TK Machinegun
-4000' range
-2d6 MDC per burst
-80 Bursts maximum
-8 bursts recharge per Telekinesis Spell (6 PPE) or 20 ISP
-35,000 Phase World credits

Level of Experience: 2

Experience Points: 3601 /4601
Harakhamis Arimi Acherean

A Swiftly Changing Shifter

Magic moves through our entire race. I've heard that since the day I was born, that the people who fled Atlantis were special, especially those of us who came to Alexandria. I suppose it's true, in a way. I certainly have always felt the magic in me, just below the surface... the slight itch in the skin just beneath the tattoos, or the tingling at the fingertips whenever I would just extend my strength of will over someone. I could always feel the magic.

I guess I was about 17 when my parents apprenticed me to Zahod, the old alchemist at the local pyramid. I'd already picked up my 'jack and a little bit of skill with electronics and computers, so I thought Zahod would teach me Techno-wizardry. Instead, he just looked me deep in the eyes. I can still feel that gaze burning into me, like it was burrowing under everything I normally covered myself with... I couldn't even bring up a Mind Block to stop this feeling of being completely open to him. He started pelting me with words, smacking me whenever I would mispronounce one, forcing me to rattle them off faster and faster until I was chanting on my own. I could feel a glow grow up around me, shining softly off objects that were scattered about the shadowy room. A tingling ran just beneath my skin, and I knew that I was meant to be more than a magical mechanic.

I spent nearly fifty years working with Zahod, getting my education. Each day, he would speak to me in a different language, sometimes switching mid-sentence, making me keep up with his knowledge. He would cast spell after spell at me, forcing me to counter them with spells of my own, berating me when I would choose the wrong one. I went under his needle three more times, gaining tattoos that he said would aid me in my pursuit of magic, placing one at each temple and one above my natural eyes. He also taught me the symbols and ways of Circle magic, though I learned few enough of those from him.

When not being drilled, I helped in his shop and accompanied him on his trips to Phase World and other planets. While there were certain services he provided for free (such as applying the Marks of Heritage to babies), he would put the rest of his efforts up for sale. I served as both a PPE battery and a shopworker, picking up a keen sense of tactics and a little knowledge of the underground magic trade in the bargain.

It was during this time that I met Corbin. Many mages choose their familiars... Corbin chose me. I had been studying the applications of certain symbols in the practice of circle magic, attempting to breach the barrier that kept demons in their own world. It seems like hours I fed energy into that circle, chanting invocations and exhortations, trying to bring even the tiniest imp across, just so I could banish it and be content in my accomplishment. Nothing. Finally, I simply collapsed in the circle, exhausted from the stress. I laid on my back, the scent of goat's blood coppery in the air, when I heard the flapping of wings. A raven settled down on the remains of my sacrifice, and began to pluck at the entrails that spread into the open area of my circle. I'd never seen a raven this close... I could almost reach out with my hand and touch it. There was something in his eyes, something that went beyond the usual vapid stares of birds. I felt a click within me, and knew that Corbin was here to stay. I spent some time learning his capabilities, giving him some of my own energy so we would become more tightly bound, until finally I could feel him just at the edges of my senses whenever I relaxed. It's a comforting feeling, knowing that he's always there. It's nice to never be alone, even when he's not with me.

When my apprenticeship was up, Zahod tested me again. He was still my master, though no where near what he had been a half-century earlier. Had he faltered once... maybe twice... he would have fallen to me in our mock-combat.

With Zahod's recommendation, I got a position at a teaching college on the second moon, Nephytys. I almost think this was his last test of me... to see if I could stand the intense boredom of teaching and teaching and teaching, never getting a chance to study or explore on my own. 80 years I taught there, striving for the tenure that would provide me some of my freedom. 80 years! As if my skills were growing in such an environment.

About the only thing I did learn from working at that place was how to fight with a sword. There was a Silhouette there, Mjor, who I worked with from time to time. We grew to be friends, he and I, and, in exchange for a couple of minor spells (why he was so impressed with Cleanse and Featherlight, I'll never understand), he taught me the basics of self-defense and sword fighting (usually with me in my newly-acquired armor... he was stronger and tougher than me, so he didn't need it). He even offered to help me find some sources for some other projects... he hinted that there might be a price for the help, though. I don't know. Something about the offer creeped me out... but it seemed very attractive, at the same time.

I got tenure just before the Gathering of the Clans, thank the Forge. Thus, this trip the Council wishes me to make can count as my first sabbatical... though you can bet I'm going to ask the council to give me an exception, so I don't have to spend time I could be studying playing their bounty-hunter.

Scratch that last sentence. Tired though I may be, I'm still a member of Clan Acherean and the Atlantean race, and that's all that matters. I do it for no other reason than that.

Dealing with the Devil

While the others were seeking out armor, I opened my link to Corbin... carefully, as I had never tried to intiate contact before. "Corbin? Corbin? Are you listening?"


"I must speak with my 'benefactor'. Contact him, and alert me when he is ready to speak with me."

Corbin stared at me in silent understanding, then goes silent. A few moments later, I felt a malevolent new presence. I slipped into a brief trance, flushing all other thoughts from my mind. I must admit, my mind voice took on a slightly sardonic and addressed my 'benefactor'. "What is thy bidding, my master?"

No vision came to you, only a voice as deep as a Gods inside my head, drowning out everything around me. "I have performed a great favor, and in return you shall become one of my vessels. I have much greater plans in store for you, my protege." A low chuckle, similar to a growl, echoed through your mind as He ended these final words

"Accept this Gift of Magic," the voice said. "In return, I expect your service. Do NOT disappoint me." At that, I knew fear, fear so bone chilling that I can still feel it, even after all this time. "Your first task is merely an initiation. An enemy of mine will soon be revealed to you. After he has revealed himself, you are to destroy him completely. There should be no remains left to be resurrected. When you have completed this task, you will have proven your worth to me and will become one of my vessels." I did not like the sound of the term vessel... in saving my world, myself, what had I gotten myself into? "Should you fail, I assure you that a fate far worse than any death you might experience awaits you in my realm."

I managed to find my voice, before I lost myself entirely to blind servitude. "One moment, my lord. I would know the name by which you are called, if you please."

"Mortals know me by many names. You may call me Mephisto"

As the presence seems to "move" away, the feeling of dread and fear dissipates, leaving you alone with Corbin. Corbin seems a bit different, it may be the slight luminescence in his eyes, but you're not sure. Corbin even seems a bit larger.

I bowed my head briefly as the presence moves off, then turned to glare at Corbin, and saw the new spirit in his eyes. In a mind voice, I commanded him "Conceal your true nature, creature. There are sensitives about."

Corbin lashed back into my head, a fleck of irritation evident: "This is merely the result of your acceptance of The Pact. It will fade in a few moments."

"Do not anger me, creature. We serve the same lord, but I am your superior, in every way save perhaps age and stench."

"There is no need for us to serve the same master," Corbin replied, annoyance still showing in his "voice". "As for being my equal, you obviously know little of the path you have chosen. I am here to aid you if necessary and watch you in my Master's place."

"I know much of the path I have chosen, creature. I also know much of those who are weak enough to be bound into the shell of an animal. Your pretensions cause me no alarm."

He merely chuckled in response. Apparently, though, he was telling the truth about his glowing eyes and size. Less than a minute later, he appeared as nothing more than a normal raven, though his eyes did still glow ever so slightly to my sight.

Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

When we found that little girl in the "Village of the Damned", my heart just went out to her. All I could think of was keeping her safe from harm. So, I called over Corbin, to give her his ring... he no longer needed it, not as he was. She shied away from him. I remember thinking "Sweet Mother Isis, what have I gotten myself into, that even a child this young can feel the darkness within him? What have I done?"

As I took her to the horse, I came to my decision, stopping behind a tree for a moment to put it into words... I'm so glad I know how to speak my mind on paper, or I fear what would have happened. I committed it to paper, and returned to the group, in time to see them burn to the ground a small shack, containing the zombie remains of the girl's parents. I called Corbin over, reviewing my words in my mind.

My Lord Mephisto,
I hope that this letter finds you well, for I am afraid that it bears you poor tidings. I am afraid that I must resign from your permanent service, and return to you all such gifts as you have given me. It has recently been revealed to me that our goals and desires for the future are incompatible, and, as such, I would make a poor servant for one of your eminence, and, despite your power and majesty, your yoke would not fit lightly on my shoulders.

Despite my unwillingness to continue in your service, I am mindful of the large debt that I owe to you, for rescuing me from the results of the earthquake on Alexandria. Therefore, along with returning the spells, power, and familiar you have gifted me with, I send a proposal. As you have saved my life, so I will take the life of this enemy that you have selected for me, thus evening the balance. As you know, loss of the familiar will extract a further price upon me, and I consider that sufficient cost to pay for any of your other gifts I may have made my limited use of. Furthermore, if you agree to these terms, I will not knowingly oppose your plans, save in self-defense, or in the defense of that which I love or hold sacred.

If you find these terms acceptable, or you wish further negotiation on these terms, communicate with me via your lesser servants, either deevils or devilkin. Please use the same method when you wish to direct me towards the foe you have chosen. While I apologize for the inconvenience, as I know you would prefer to work through Corbin, I have recently found him impossible to work with, and will deal harshly with him should he return.

Speaking from the Light,
Harakhamis Arimi Acherean, Shifter and Former Witch

We stood in the middle of the street now, zombies pouring out of alleys and homes. As the walls of magical ice grew around us, I called for Corbin, and pressed the parchment into his clawed hand. "Take this to our Lord Mephisto, at his home in Dyval, yet read it not yourself. I can handle such as these," gesturing contemptuously at the flaming undead that are attempting to come through the pass, "without your aid."

The searing pain that ripped through me moments later, as I hovered above the battlefield, told me my proposal had been, at least in one way, accepted...

The Last Day of Harakhamis Arimi Acherean

We awoke at dawn of the last day. Something about that dawn seem crisper and purer than any dawn I'd ever seen before, and I knew that the day would be momentous beyond imagining.
We knew where the tomb was, roughly, so Nightfall and I flew in slow passes over the plateau, seeking out a magical signature that would tell us where He lay. Once we had him, we could go home. On the sixth pass, Nightfall motioned me down. He'd found the tomb. A rough hole cut into the wall, bearing a faded inscription. It was beyond my ken, until I flipped down the optics on my helmet, translating them from arcane script to my native Egyptian. "Let only he who is true enter here, for he who knows maliciousness shall surely fall." I knew maliciousness, that was before the Village of the Damned... not anymore.

We retrieved the others in quick order. Only Maelstrom, Nightfall, and I felt up to the task of going in... too main stains on the other's souls from this campaign, I suppose. A quarter mile in, we came to an archway. Nightfall read the Gaelic inscribed, and we found the trap... one set for he who entered with an impure heart. I stepped through, even though I knew my heart wasn't pure. I had to. My family, my clan, my people... my homeland... depended on us waking the man who lay in that sarcophagus. I passed through with nary a scratch... I wish I'd had time to wonder why.

We lifted the lid from the sarcophagus, and gently lifted out Arthur Pendragon, greatest warrior of Old Atlantis. He awoke, slowly, shaking off the dreams of twelve thousand years, looking at us quizzically. The others, Bagh-Dach, stood in awe. I kept my head, as Acheran do, and stepped forward with a bow.

"Arthur Pendragon, I am Harakhamis Arimi Acheran. May I present to you Nightfall and Maelstrom, of the Bagh-Dach clan?"

He seemed more at ease with his own clanmates there, and questioned me about the date. "It has been twelve thousand years since you last breathed, Arthur. There is much to do, and we will explain later."

He hesitated, wanting his sword, his armor. Why is it that warriors always want a sword? The Bagh-dach found it concealed in the room, and he seemed much relieved to have it on his hip, clanging against his armor. As we walked up, we spoke briefly of the situation with Atlantis, telling him of the loss of Atlantis and the ongoing campaign to reclaim it. He was not comforted by our news, but I did not expect him to be.

When we stepped onto the ledge overlooking the valley, the scent of evil was palatable in the air, even to those of us with normal senses... the presence, though, was enough to send Nightfall reeling for a brief moment. Before us, in the quiet air, hung a man, long hair and wild eyes. Some part deep within me, some stain I had long tried to purge, knew this man to not be a man... he was a god, one of evil and deceit. I shoved to Gecko all but a tiny portion of my power, whispering into the radio that they should leave, now, through a portal I knew Zoderhan could make. In that instant, the man spoke, his voice like a roll of thunder across the plains.

"Harakhamis! You owe me a debt, the debt of a life! You will slay him, Harakhamis, to pay your debt to me!" I didn't even need to look to know that he pointed to Arthur. Time slowed to a crawl, and I knew that all debts must be paid. Quick as thought, I flew along the wall to stand in the empty air across from him.

"You know I can't do that, Mephisto." Please, gods, let them have the time. Let them have the time. A crackle in my senses told me the Rift was opened... they could go home. Maelstrom spoke to me in the radio, asking me if I was sure. I had no choice... I had to pay my debts. I sent them through the portal with my blessing, until only Zoderhan remained.

"Then you know the cost." Mephisto's words contained more hate than I had ever known, and his negligent gesture summoned nearly a score of deevils to stand before him. In the corner of my eye, Zoderhan blinked out of sight. For an instant, I thought he was gone through the portal, and wished him well. I felt his parting gift materialize around and inside me... armor of pure energy, and a bubbling, magical strength. I knew the cost.

With both hands, I raised my sword. A thought sent the energy of life running down its blade, and it glowed green in the light of an early morning. As I raised the blade higher, over my head, the sun crested the cliffs, bathing me in its light. The exultant energy was too much for me, and a word rang out of my throat. "HORUS!" I charged into melee, a mortal against a god, and knew that I would never die.

And then I knew no more.

Question One:
B. Keep your word of honor to other good people, But not necessarily bad people?
Of course, this is a bit relativistic in Harakhamis's eyes. While he knows that there are really bad people, sometimes he'll break it to people who, while ostensibly good, he just finds completely annoying.

Question Two:
B. Lie only to selfish or evil people?
Harakhamis knows the value of his word, and his recent conversion has lead him to realize the problems that can come from indiscriminately making promises. However, he doesn't feel that evil people deserve the same respect as the good folk of the Megaverse, so he'll bend the truth to them.

Question Three:
B. Not kill unarmed foes (But you will take advantage of one)?
Harakhamis isn't a killer. He much prefers to either render someone a non-threat or "convince" them to stop their attack. Of course, he commits his sacrifices with cold efficiency, but to him, that's not murder (since his sacrifices aren't sentient).

Question Four:
A. Never harm innocents?
In Harakhamis's mind, there is no reason to involve people who aren't a part of the conflict, especially since he can usually disarm a situation without needing physical violence.

Question Five:
C. Not use torture unless absolutely necessary?
Of course, Harakhamis rarely needs to resort to torture, but he would prefer to avoid it even when magical methods of ensuring the truth fail.

Question Six:
A. Never kill for pleasure?
Again, he's not a fighter, and prefers to avoid physical violence, but he's not a pacifist.

Question Seven:
A. Always help others?
Some things are just hard to shake. While he'll usually check it out first (with a quick Sense Evil), his time selling and teaching (along with the early teachings of his parents) has gotten him into the mindset of being willing to help people with problems.

Question Eight:
B. Work with groups, but dislike confining laws and bureaucracy (red tape)?
Harakhamis is a team player, and his experiences with Mephisto have gotten him rather leery of strict rules (though, despite this, he is still loyal to the Clans).

Question Nine:
B. Attempt to work within the law whenever possible. But tend to bend & occasionally break the law when deemed necessary. Yet distrust authority. (This means you might strong-arm, harass, break & enter, theft & so on.)?
His experience selling magic under the counter, as well as dealing with some of the seedier folk in the UWW for magical components and texts has left him willing to break the law if he must, though he does recognize the safety that comes from working within it.

Question Ten:
A. Never betray a friend?
Harakhamis has recently come to realize the importance of good companions. While he's not sure if the rest of the group are "friends" per se, he does know that trust extended is likely to result in trust returned.

Total: 17
Alignment equivalent: Mostly Good, but still slightly Selfish

Harakhamis Arimi Acherean
IQ: 23
ME: 25
MA: 25
PS: 17
PP: 12
PE: 25
PB: 28
SPD: 26

Ht: 6'4"
Wt: 250#
Dark brown eyes, black hair with a little bit of salt in it, naturally darkish skin. His tattoos are usually covered by his hair, though bits of them can be seen if one looks closely.
Age: 150 years old

Level: 5 Shifter (frozen), level 1 Techno-Wizard
XP: 550

HP: 30
SDC: 117
PPE: 190
ISP: 64

Natural\Class Abilities
Increased PPE Recovery
Cannot be Transformed
Sense Vampires: 1000'
Recognize Vampire: 10%/level
Operate Mystic Pyramids
Sense Ley Lines
10 miles/level
30%+5%/level for precise location
Sense Nexus
40%+5% per level to follow ley line
Sense Rift
50 miles +10 miles/level
Ley Line Phasing
4 times/day +1/level
Rift Home (3 Galaxies, likely Alexandria)
150 PPE
Familiar Link

Protection from Vampires
PPE: 30
1 hour/level
Flaming Long Sword
PPE: 20
15 min/Level
2d6 M.D.
Eye of Mystic Knowledge
PPE: 40
10 minutes/level
See RWB2, page 91
Eye of Knowledge
PPE: 30
15 minutes/level
See RWB2, page 91
Eyes: Three
PPE: 40
10 minutes/level
See RWB2, page 92

Mind Block
ISP: 4
10 minutes/level
Total Recall
ISP: 2
Speed Reading
ISP: 2
3 minutes/level
ISP: 10
10 minutes +2 minutes/level
Range: Touch to 5 feet

Armor of Ithan
Blinding Flash
Call Lightning
Carpet of Adhesion
Charismatic Aura
Constrain Being
Decipher Magic
Electric Arc
Energy Bolt
Energy Disruption
Energy Field
Extinguish fire
Eyes of the Wolf
Fire Blast
Fire Bolt
Fuel Flame
Globe of Daylight
Ignite Fire
Impervious to Energy
Influence the Beast
Invisibility: Simple
Magical Adrenal Rush
Magic Net
Mend the Broken
Mental Blast
Power Weapon
See Aura
See invisible
Sense Evil
Sense Magic
Sense PPE
Shadow Meld
Summon and Control Canines
Summon Lesser Being
Time Slip
Turn Dead

Protection: Simple
Protection from Undead
Summon Lesser Demon or Deevil
Summon the Undead


Headjack with Ear Implant
Radio transmitter/receiver with 20 mile range
Detachable antennae increases range to 100 miles
Audio Damper installed

OCC and Other:
Land Navigation: 71%
Basic Electronics: 79%
Computer Operation: 74%
Radio: Basic: 94%
Literate: Techno-Can: 49%
Carpentry: 43%
Computer Programming: 44%
Computer Repair: 44%
Automotive Mechanics: 44%
Read Sensory Equipment: 49%
Speak Techno-Can, Trade Three: 74%
Electrical Engineer: 39%
Mechanical Engineer: 34%
Weapons Engineer: 34%
Contragravity Pack: 51%

Frozen Skills
Frozen either due to reaching 98% or not being studied as a Techno-Wizard
Speak Egyptian, Dragonese, Demongogian, Trade One, Trade Four: 98%
Literacy: Egyptian: 98%
Literacy: Demongogian, Dragonese, Trade Four: 69%
Literacy: Trade One: 79%
Astronomy: 79%
Anthropology (True Atlanteans): 59%
Mathematics: Basic: 98%
Lore: Demon: 79%
Lore: Faerie: 74%
Lore: Magic:
General: 64%
Recognize Wards/Runes/Circles 54%
Recognize Enchantment 49%
Wilderness Survival: 64%
Streetwise: 45%
Intelligence: 52%
Surveillance Systems: 59%
Pilot: Spacefighter: 40% (special skill, only gets +3% per level)

Combat Skills:
Spell Combat: Sorcerer
6th level of proficiency 3 spell attacks per melee
14 spell strength
Circle Combat: Adept
frozen at 5th level of experience Decipher Circle 41%
Mystic Symbology 79%
Recognize Runes/Wards 44%
Circle Strength: 16
Hand to Hand Basic
4th level of proficiency
3 attacks per melee
Kick attack does 1d6 S.D.C.
WP Sword
4th level of proficiency
+2 to strike
+2 to parry

+4 Perception
+9% all skills
+5 vs psionics (save is 7 or higher)
+5 vs insanity
84% trust/intimidate
+1 Damage
+2 Parry
+2 Dodge
+20% vs coma/death
+8 vs magic (general)
+13 vs spell magic
+13 vs wards
+13 vs circles
+5 vs poison
86% charm/impress
+18 vs Horror Factor
+3 vs mind control
+3 vs possession
+2 pull punch
+2 roll with punch

Charcoal grey robes, black pants and shirt, belt and leather boots (and a spare set)
Knapsack, backpack, 2 small sacks, 1 large sack
Pocket Mirror, silver cross, 7 cloves of garlic, salt
6 wooden stakes, wooden mallet
Canteen, binoculars, sunglasses, air filter, gas mask
Laser Distancer, digital disc recorder with 9 discs

Holographic personal computer w/ headjack cord
Databases on Lore: Magic, Lore: Demons and Monsters, Lore: Faerie, Anthropology, Astronomy, Basic Electronics, as well as an on-line Grimoire and notes on circles

Portable Electronics tool-kit
Portable Language Translator w/headjack link
Fluent in:
Trade Two, Trade Three, Trade Five, Trade Six, Dwarven, Promethean, Kreeghor, American, Spanish, French, Creole, Mayan, Gobbley, Faerie, plus 13 other obscure, quasi-magical languages, and 45 other languages of import

RMK Medkit
Credit Card with 375,900 Rifts Earth Credits
Faculty Card (from University of Nephytys)
Cold Weather Gear
Several weeks of supplies
NG-S2 Survival Pack

TW Converted Optics Band
Original optics replaced with:
Decipher Magic
Eyes of the Wolf
See Aura
See Invisibile
Sense Magic
Sense PPE
Powered by an Energy Bolt spell. Each charge lasts 15 minutes.

Magic Ring (allows wearer to cast Armor of Ithan, making use of Harakhamis's PPE and Level)
A portable tool kit
3 cans of Metal Spray
Portable Scan Dihilator
Silver Alloy survival knife (d6 SDC)
Hand axe (2d4 SDC)

TW Multi-Sword Long Sword
2d6 SDC, but can parry MD attacks uncharged
All of the charges last for 2 minutes per level of experience as a TW
Electric Arc: 8 PPE, charges weapon with a 2d6 MD blade of electricity. +2 to strike, with possible special effects against electric devices.
Fireblast: 8 PPE, coats weapon in an aura of flame. Does 3d6 MD.
Frostblade: 15 PPE, coats weapon with a slick field of mega-damage ice. Does 4d6 MD, 6d6 MD to fire creatures, or 8d6 MD to those who take double damage from cold.
Lifeblast: 15 PPE. Can be used to either give bonuses (as per the spell), or do damage to creatures of death. See spell description.

PH-100 Heavy Phase Beamer
 800' range
4d6 SDC or MDC
5 clips of 20

3 foot iron rod (2d4 SDC)

NE-H10 Plasma Derringer w/ spring loaded sleeve holster
Range: 200'
5d6 MD
5 cartridges (holds 2)

Warlock Combat Armor
MDC: 85
-10% Prowl Penalty

Kittanti Plasma Sword
2d6 M.D. as sword
4d6 M.D. at 100' as blaster
2d6+2 S.D.C. unenergized
60 minutes per E-Clip. Each blast takes 10 minutes

Nuclear Powered Grav Pack w/ headjack link
200mph in atmosphere
Mach 1 in space
+1 dodge
RDB2, page 126 for more information

Larry Kirwan, Human Headhunter
(inspired by the song Fanatic Heart by Black 47)
Fanatic Heart

Maria and I grew up and later lived together in the Chi-town Burbs... human enough for the establishment, I guess, but we never went in big with the CS. Just two people, trying to make a living, taking money from anyone willing to pay, whether he was human, mutant, or one of the D-Bee's that snuck in past the border guards. We had a good life. Our building had a floor and ceiling... we'd even rigged up a little bit of power and could get water fairly regularly through a tap on an old line that apparently still ran. We repaired things... mostly simple electronics we dug out of ruins or that people brought to us... either for money or barter. I also did a bit of medicine... nothing fancy, but enough to take care of the people of the neighborhood. Sometimes we'd read letters or contracts for people... they knew they could trust us. I was a good person like that, once upon a time.
I still remember her eyes on the twelfth of July. It was late at night, but we were still up, and the sirens started to go off. I saw the building across the street catch fire, and I knew that the Dog Boys were chasing someone again... either a mage or a burster, or the Dog Boys had gotten a hold of some plasma weapons. I never did find out. Maria and I got dressed quickly, heading towards the door so we could help the people trapped in that building. I'd just grabbed the handle when something exploded on the sidewalk... it ripped open the building, and Maria and I were dumped in the street. She had this huge cut in her forehead... gods, I could see her brain... I just started yelling for help, over and over and over again, until my throat was raw. She looked up at me, and saw me sobbing. She put her fingers to my forehead, and I could feel them sticky with her blood. She whispered to me, and the sound carried above the exploding gas line. I heard her whisper, with her last breath "Our baby would have been beautiful..." She died in my arms as we hid behind that old car that had been sitting there since I was a little boy.
The next two years aren't too clear to me. I became a mercenary, I suppose, and tried to drink away the pain and hurt I felt. All I could see was Maria. Every man or beast I killed carried the face of the criminals I'd seen through the years, the kind that took my Maria from me. Every person I helped had her face. She developed beside me, and I saw her change through those years... she grew with me, her picture ever kept close to me, inside my heart where no one could take it from me.
One contract, I was working for Northern Gun, tracking down some brigands in preparation for a major raid. I followed on back to their base, but apparently I fucked up, or they had more sentries posted, or something. They captured me, throwing me into a small cell. I can still feel the broken concrete wall against my cheek, the wall I leaned against as the beat me, as they tortured me with cattle prods like I was some sort of beast. I don't remember screaming, and I don't know when I passed out, but when I woke up, then had left me in the cell, with a confession of crimes against Northern Gun signed in my own hand. I don't know how they made me sign it. I don't want to. But, after three months in prison, they let me out, naked and wandering, to die in the wilderness.
I stumbled back to one of my safehouses, and gathered what I could find. I'd acquired quite a bit in my years of fighting, enough to buy a new left arm to replace the one they fed to the dog, enough to build myself stronger than they could take me again. I left Northern Gun, Michigan, the entire Midwest, and crossed the Appalachians. I went down to where New York used to stand. Maria was with me all the way, every step. We talked into the long nights. We fought, we loved, we lived our life as it should have been in that trip to Manhattan... but every morning I would wake up, my cheeks wet with tears at having lost her again.
I settled into a group of scavengers in Mad Haven... a small village of people who dug through the rubble for salvageable goods. They welcomed a competent gun and decent medic. They didn't mind having someone who could fix up some of the lesser electronic things, either. A new man, the women made me feel especially welcome, but more than one let me be after I called out Maria's name in the night. I'm trying to make a new start, and I've almost succeeded a couple of times... but then the 12th of July rolls around, and I remember Maria again. I remember her as she lived, as she was when she lay dying, as she was when we were kids. I remember Maria in all her beauty and glory... and her gray silhouette hanging over my shoulder keeps me from slipping to far into madness. But it also keeps me a long way from happiness.

Larry Kirwan
3rd Level Headhunter
IQ 18
ME 21
MA 15
PS 16
PP 15
PE 18
PB 13
SPD 18
HP: 31
SDC: 44
MDC: Hand: 10 Arm: 40
PPE: 9

Alignment and Insanities:
Larry is currently Anarchist, having suffered a traumatic reversal of alignment from his previous alignment of Principled. He knows that he's not the same man he was, but he stopped caring on that tragic night, and has really stopped caring that he's stopped caring. Larry is a recovering alcoholic, and was probably saved from still being a drunk by being imprisoned for three months (though he certainly doesn't see it that way). He is somewhat obsessed with Maria, though not so far as she is his only thought... she steals in on him whenever he's inactive and has time to think, though, so he'll often work himself into exhaustion, trying to forget her for a while.

+4% on all skills
+3 vs. Psionics
+3 vs. insanity
+1 damage
+2 strike
+5 parry
+6 dodge
+6 initiative
+2 pull punch
+3 roll with punch\fall\impact
+6% vs. Coma\Death
+2 vs toxin\magic

Combat abilities:
HtH Expert, 3rd level
2 attacks per melee
WP Knife
WP Blunt
WP Energy Pistol
WP Energy Rifle
WP Heavy Energy
WP Automatic Pistol
WP Automatic and Semi-automatic Rifles
Robot Combat: Basic (1st level)
Power Armor Combat: Basic (1st level)

Cybernetics and Bionics

Universal Headjack with long range radio modification and scrambler
Amplified Hearing with Ultra-Ear and Sound Filters
2 Underwater Bio-system Eyes
Optic Nerve Video Implant
Bionic Lung with Gas Filter and Oxygen Storage Cell
Bionic Language translator
Bionic left arm
-PS 20 PP 18
--+5 to damage
--+2 to strike and parry
-Retractable Vibro-blades
--2d6 MD or SDC
-Concealed Laser Rod
--1d6 Damage, 800' range
--10 blasts, 6 hour recharge
-Built in Computer\Calculator
-Sensor Hand
-E-Clip port in Arm
--Note that Larry has learned that he can use this to recharge normal E-Clips on his arm's power supply. It takes about 6 hours to fully charge an E-clip, or 8 for a long E-Clip


Speak American 98%
Radio: Basic 74%
Radio: Scramblers 59%
Detect Ambush 54%
Detect Concealment 54%
Tracking 49%
Land Navigation 58%
Weapons Systems 64%
Read Sensory Equipment 54%
Pilot Jet Pack 66%
Pilot Tanks and APC's 58%
Pilot Robots and Power Armor 71%
Horsemanship 57%
Lore: Demon and Monster 49%
Speak Spanish and Dragonese 74%
Literacy: American 54%
Paramedic 54%
Wilderness Survival 44%
Surveillance Systems 44%
Prowl 39%
Basic Electronics 44%
Computer Operation 54%
Swimming 64%


Gladiator Armor (gray in color, patched but at full MDC)
Dress Clothing
Camouflage (urban on one side, temperate woodlands on the other)
Gas Mask and Air Filter
Tinted Goggles
2 Knives (d6 SDC)
L-20 Pulse laser Rifle with 7 long E-Clips
NG-57 Ion Blaster with 7 E-Clips
Vibro-knife d6 MDC or SDC
Neural Mace d8 SDC + Stun
AK-47 Assault Rifle with
-4 Clips of Standard Ammo
-3 Clips of Silver Bullets
8 Grenades
-2 Smoke
-3 Fragmentation
-3 Plasma
Tent, Knapsack, Backpack, Saddle Bags
2 canteens
5 weeks of dried rations
Locket with Maria's picture
Grooming Kit
1400 credits
11000 credits in Black market odds and ends
Nuclear-Powered Wilks Jet Pack
NG Samson Power Armor with on weapons but the knuckle-blades (technically belongs to the community he works with, but he uses it the most)
Flying Titan Power Armor with No wings (his own, salvaged and repaired)

Morgan Boru, Former CS Officer

Morgan Boru grew up the quintessential army brat. Her family would hop from post to post, following her mother, a member of a CS ranger battalion, who was slightly annoyed at having been assigned rear-echelon duties after the birth of her first child, David (human, currently a Captain in the CS Military, assigned as a Military Specialist). Her position was even further confirmed by the birth of Morgan, as the result of an authorized dalliance with a wild psi-stalker who worked for the Coalition.

Morgan was very precocious, and was speaking in simple sentences soon after her first birthday, mostly by using telepathy to beam the words to people's heads (as her vocal cords were not yet fully developed, she had trouble speaking). Her life was relatively normal for a psychic child, her limited formal education supplemented by training in the use of her powers (at that time, she was a minor psychic, capable of telepathy and object read) and by the careful instruction in the ways of the wilderness by her father, who surprisingly proved to be a doting parent. Its assumed that it was during this early period in her life that Morgan picked up her primitive animism, the belief that all objects have a spirit attached to them. She attends to address objects when she's working with them, and frequently apologizes when a relatively innocent piece of ferrocrete must be destroyed to get to her prey. The Coalition psychologists are aware of this belief, but since it doesn't seem to hinder the performance of her job in any way, they have let it be for now.

Soon after her 13th birthday, the true influence of Morgan's father became evident. Morgan's once-red hair gradually grew paler and paler, finally dropping out several weeks later, and her skin tone went from its normal rough tan to a pale white. Morgan was a little bit distraught at the loss of her hair, so her mother purchased her a set of implanted false hair, preset in the scalp-lock Morgan customarily wore, but slightly adjustable in both style and color. Morgan's mutation was promptly brought to the attention of the CS recruiter on base, and he offered to give Morgan an education in exchange for her entering the CS Army's PSI Corps. After discussing it with her parents, Morgan declined the offer, preferring to wait some years before entering the service. However, she was quickly (and quite willingly) implanted with the registration chip required for all psychics.
During the nine years between her mutation and entering the service, Morgan and her father disappeared. Its unknown to the CS what happened to her during this time, and Morgan does not speak about it to anyone (read: GM can make up what he wants). However, she returned to the CS a fully trained psi-stalker, now calling herself Morrigan. She is a member of the newly identified "Balancer" type... while civilized enough to easily function within the confines of the CS military, they could also disappear for years amongst the tribes of wild psi-stalkers if necessary, awaiting further orders.

Morgan flew through basic training, then requested the special training available to psi-stalkers through the Coalition Military. On her initial aptitude test, she scored high above the other applicants, becoming the first person to actually test out of the school in all areas. This remarkable achievement not only earned her the entry rank of warrant officer (given to all graduates of the program to represent their intense training and wide life-experience), and also marked her in the eyes of Coalition High Command as either having the potential to be either a problem or a great boon to the CS.

Personality: Morrigan is extremely loyal to the CS, and accepts the slight prejudice against psi-stalkers with reasonable aplomb. She views her own word and honor as highly important, and reminds herself that her first and foremost oath is always to the CS on a daily basis... she will break later oaths if she must, reasoning that her oath to the CS takes precedence, since it was first. She tends to be somewhat distant towards those around her, but once someone is considered a friend, nothing will cause her to break with them (though they may physically part, she will not betray them).
Personally, Morrigan has little against those that are officially enemies of the Coalition, such as Dee-Bees and Men of Magic, who otherwise do not interfere with the State. However, should they ever act against the Coalition States, they become her personal enemies. In her opinion, the Coalition is the last hope for humanity (which includes, to her, humans, psi-stalkers, and loyal creations of Lone Star), and anyone who opposes it deserves to be disabled until they can no longer be a threat to the Coalition. She does think that the Coalition hatred of _all_ Dee-bees and _all_ men of magic is slightly misguided, but she sees the wisdom in it, as it would be an almost insurmountable task to separate those that could be trusted from those that could not.

As a result of experiments undergone at Mindwerks, Morgan's personality has taken a slight shift, becoming more hyperactive and fidgety, as well as more likely to take reckless action and excessive risks. While Fortune may favor the bold, review boards rarely favor the reckless; these implants will likely inhibit her upward movement in the ranks.

While I have Morrigan's alignment listed as Aberrant, I like Midnght's system so here is a bit of a break-down of her according to that system:
1. A. Always Keep your word of honor
On this, see the notes about when she will break her word in the above section. She never likes having to break her sworn word, even if it conflicts with the goals of the CS, so she will try to be in a position where she doesn't directly break it. If that's not possible, she will break her word, but will be upset about it for several days afterward.
2. F. Lie to & cheat those not worthy of your respect?
In Morrigan's mind, all members of the Coalition States and their affiliated kingdoms are automatically worthy of her respect until they prove otherwise. Once her respect is lost, it is likely to only be regained posthumously.
3. C. Not likely kill an unarmed foe, but certainly knockout, attack, or beat up one?
This becomes slightly blurry in Morrigan's mind where Dee-Bees and reputed Men of Magic (or rogue psychics) are concerned. Those almost always have the potential to be armed, and as such she prefers to take the simple expedient of killing them in order to protect herself when at a distance. In hand to hand combat, though, she will attempt to render an unarmed foe incapable of being a further threat.
4. D. Not kill innocents, particularly children (but may harm, kidnap all but children)
Again, no enemy of the CS is an innocent in her eyes, though she does avoid killing non-combatants if possible.
5. D. Use torture to extract information (Not likely for pleasure)?
Occasionally, Morrigan will play with prey she considers unworthy, but does not like to draw out the suffering of non-prey unless they fail to respond to more conventional means (including telepathic scans and the interrogation of personal items through the use of object read).
6. E. Kill for sheer pleasure?
Morrigan, being a psi-stalker, is incapable of not liking the hunt and the kill.
7. B. Help those in need most of the time?
Of course, this only truly applies to those that she deems worthy of her help, or is able to help without violating her oath. While she will empathize with the plight of a poor Dee-Bee child, and will want to help, she often will not do so, and certainly not overtly, because that would aid a possible enemy of the Coalition States.
8. B. Work with groups, but dislike confining laws and bureaucracy (red tape)?
9. F. Respect and honor self-discipline?
Morrigan obeys the law most of the time, but will occasionally slip by giving aid to a technical (but not actual) enemy of the state. She views this as part of being human, and accepts these occasional lapses so long as they do not interfere with her job. In social situations, she tends to be somewhat priggish, despising alcohol and those who attempt to use it as an excuse for their behavior. She sees herself as being in control of herself at all times, whether she is on or off-duty. The only apparent crack in her hard-bitch facade comes when she dances. Apparently, during her long absence after her change, Morrigan studied a variety of kinds of dance, from formal dances to modern dance to exotic dancing. The fact that she often dances while still wearing her knives tends to discourage all but the most adventurous from bothering her, and those that get attempt to do more than dance often get a nick for their trouble.
10. A. Never betray a friend?
Morrigan has few she considers friends, but will not betray a friend if she has a choice about it. Were she to ever befriend a true enemy of the Coalition States, it is entirely likely she would go rogue, rather than betray someone she has let that close.
If you care to run the numbers, she actually scores a 34, one point above Anarchist. However, it would perhaps be more accurate to describe her as Aberrant with Unprincipled leanings, given the actual breakdown of her moral and ethical code.

I try and concentrate on the road, but the words just keep roiling around my head. How could they have cut us loose? We served out country, we did our job, we got results. And they exiled us. Just like that. No hesitation. What's going to happen to David? To Mom? Thank the spirits that Dad's not gonna hear about this, not after he answered the Dragon's call. I hope they're alright, though. I wouldn't want them to get hurt because of something I've done.

STOP IT!!! We've done nothing, remember? We got the job done, we got the bad guys. I should just purge it out of my system, forget about the States and try to live here, or maybe down south, or anywhere but the States. Get over it, and live as you were meant to!

But I can't abandon Parker. He's as good as dead without me; you've seen him. And that guy is going to be out of place anywhere that he has to deal with D-Bee's. The NGR is out of the question. I can't just drop him somewhere, and say "I'm going to go live in the woods and eat people. Have fun, and don't forget to write." He'd be dead in a week, either shooting off his mouth or just walking too fast down the street.

Oh, isn't that nice; the mother wolf cares for her cubs! Do you lick his ass clean after he takes a shit so he doesn't get sick? Maybe pre-chew his food to save his poor little jaws?

Don't be vulgar, Morrigan. You know full well I'm right. You've seen him. Just because you're a pussy...

Cat-like in temperament does not mean pussy, you stupid little bitch.

Just because you're a pussy doesn't mean the pack instinct didn't get lodged in me. At least one of us got it; we do know what they do to rogues. If it wasn't for the Coalition, we'd be dead. They kept us alive, taught us what we needed to know and made sure we had food. Hear that gnawing in our belly? That's only going to get louder, and there aren't any captive mages to feed on out here.
That's ok, I can hunt. Just because you lost the taste for it, preferring to roll belly-up for all those generals and such to help your career, doesn't mean I'm domesticated. We need to start working as a team, Morgan...

...Yes, a team. And you want me to ditch Parker because he's weak. You want me to walk away from the Coalition States, an excellent team to which I've devoted most of my life. What do you know about teamwork? You come and go as you please, leaving death and destruction in your wake, then leave me to explain why in the hell I just ripped someone's throat out with my bare teeth!

Then what do you suggest? Run simpering home to your precious Coalition, hoping to all the spirits that they do take you back, rather than blow you away like that missive suggests they will? I'm suggesting we be who we are, that we turn stalker again, instead of an officer and a gentlewoman. We can make a living out here, set up and maybe start running our own Empire. Start organizing some mercenaries, running raids and using bounties and booty to finance the entire thing. Why be a Lieutenant when you can be a General? Why not use our gifts to get rid of the Gargoyles, one at a time if need be? You know we could do it. What are you waiting for?

I...I... I don't know. I don't want to think about this anymore. I don't want to think anymore, but I don't want the instincts you offer. I don't know.

In January of 106, Mary Boru sat at her desk, finishing the report on her most recent patrol. The Xiticix had stepped up recently, and the Emperor was pulling back training battalions to safer ground, so this would be her last report on this particular stretch of ground. She'd miss it, she supposed... even a ranger is allowed to get used to a section of ground, and there had been good spots to set up traps to catch the little grunts. Her eyes strayed to the picture on her desk... mother, daughter, her son and her daughter's father. The picture was easily ten years old, but it was the only one of them together.

A throat cleared in her door, and she looked up. Three men stood before her, their dress blacks sharp, like they had just been pressed for this duty. One of them, a Lieutenant, stepped forward, a flag clutched to his chest, a tremor in his eyes. She knew his words, even before they left his mouth.
"Sergeant Mary Boru? It is my sad duty to inform you that you daughter, First Lieutenant Morgan Boru was killed in action while returning from assignment in the New German Republic. Due to the circumstances of her death, there is no body to be buried. Know that the Emperor shares in your loss of this fine soldier, and presents you with this flag. Posthumously, your daughter has been awarded with a Crimson Heart and the Imperial Medal of Honor."

The young man snapped to attention, presenting the Sergeant with his best salute. The salute was never returned, for Mary Boru, looking ten years older than when he first saw her, had buried her tear-streaked face in the flag she now clutched to her chest.

1st Lt. Morgan Boru (aka Morrigan), Psi-stalker and CS officer
 I.Q.: 15
M.E.: 15
M.A.: 15
P.S.: 18
P.P.: 21
P.E.: 20
P.B.: 19
Spd.: 36
Ht: 5'9"
Wt: 125#
22 year old female
Description: Morrigan is a stunning young woman of average height with an extremely athletic build. Her skin is very pale, and her eyes stand out as a bright green against the white background. She still retains the bio-system scalp-lock she recieved from her mother, and so stands out amongst other psi-stalkers with her flowing scalp-lock that reaches to mid-back when allowed to hang down. With several minutes of preparation, she can changed the hair to nearly any color she wishes, though she prefers either the rich, full red of her youth or a more conservative black.
H.P.: 40
S.D.C.: 70
P.P.E.: 4
I.S.P.: 115
Level: 5
XP: 16,501

OCC and Natural Abilities:
Sense Psychic and Magic Energy
-130' feet if not using powers
-1000' for those using powers / constant effects
--Recognize Familiar Scent 40% (+5% per level)
--Track Psychic Scent (not using powers) 40% (+5% per level)
--Track Psychic Scent (using powers) 80% (+5% per level)
Sense Supernatural Beings
-250 feet if not using powers
-1400 feet if using powers
--Identify Creature by Scent: 60% (+5% per level)
--Track Psychic Scent (not using powers) 50% (+5% per level)
--Track Psychic Scent (using powers) 82% (+3% per level)
Feeds on P.P.E., requiring 50 P.P.E. per week, but prefers 80-100 P.P.E.
Can absorb P.P.E. from 300 yards/meters
Needs only two pounds of meat, 16 oz pf water a week

Empathy with Animals
Domesticated and Wild animals always react favorably
Felines, mutant predators and alien predators see as rival and threat

O.C.C. and Related Skills
Speak American, Spanish: 98%
Radio: Basic: 75%
Pilot: Hovercraft: 80%
Read Sensory Equipment: 60%
Weapons Systems: 70%
Climbing / Rappelling: 72% / 62%
Prowl: 62%
Body Building, Running, Gymnastics
-Backflip 90%
-Sense of Balance 98%
-Work Bars/Rings 72%
-Climb Rope 78%
 Horsemanship: General: 80%/75%
Horsemanship: Exotic: 70%/60%
Camouflage: 43%
Streetwise: 41%
Secondary Skills
Swimming: 70%
SCUBA: 70%
Wilderness Survival: 55%
Basic Mathematics: 65%
Land Navigation: 52%
Dance (Professional Quality): 60%
Literacy: American (learned at 4th level): 35%
First Aid (learned at 4th level): 55%
Pilot Automibile (special): 20%
Bonuses and Combat Information
5 attacks per round
+2 initiative (+1 at 6, 7, 10, 12, 14)
+5 strike (+6 with knife, +6 with thrown knife, +7 with blunt, +4 aimed with Energy pistols and Energy Rifles, +2 Burst with Energy Pistols and Energy Rifles)
+3 parry (+5 with knives, +5 with blunt)
+3 dodge
+7 damage
+5 roll with punch
+3 pull punch
+6 vs. Magic
+5 vs. poisons/toxins/drugs
+2 vs. disease
+17 vs. Coma/Death
+8 vs. Horror Factor
+5 vs. Mind Control
720/360# Lift/Carry
35 mph for 80 melees
Leap 22 feet long by 14 feet high
Heal 2 times faster than normal
Mind Over Matter Implants
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Healing
Hyper Sense
-10 ISP
-2 minutes/level
-touch or 5 foot range
Adds +2 initiative, +1 parry, +2 dodge, +2 roll, +2 pull, +1 vs. Horror Factor when activated
Psionic Powers
Empathy: 4 ISP, R.M.B. pg. 121
Mind Block: 4 ISP, R.M.B. pg. 122
Object Read: 6+ ISP, R.M.B. pg. 122
-Impressions: 64%
-Images: 56% -Present: 46%
 See Invisible: 4 ISP, R.M.B. pg. 122
Telepathy: 4 ISP, R.M.B. pg. 123
Total Recall: 2 ISP, R.M.B. pg. 123

MP-10 Caseless Pistol
-1200ft range
-20 Round Magazine
-Single Shot or 10 round burst
-300 rounds of normal ammo
--3D6 single shot, D6*10 Burst
-50 rounds DU ammo
--4D6 single shot, 2D4*10 burst
-100 rounds Heavy Ramjet
--1d4 MD single shot, 3d6 Burst
C-20 Laser Pistol
-800ft range
-2D6 MD per shot
-21 shots per clip
-3 spare clips
C-12 Laser Rifle
-2000ft range
-4D6 MD, 2D6 MD, or 6D6 SDC per shot
-20 MD shots per clip, or 120 SDC shots
-+1 to strike from laser targeting
-Passive Nightvision scope
-Shares clips with C-20
-1D6 SDC or MD
-Save vs. poison at 16 or go unconscious
-If save made, -8 strike, parry, and dodge for 2D4 melees
-Not effective against sealed enviromental armor
Magic Hammer
-2D6 SDC, can harm creatures only hurt by magic
Black and Camouflage jumpsuits
Partial Military uniform (now down to boots, uniform pants, and an undershirt)
Black evening gown, black heels, and white gloves
Cold-weather gear
IR Binoculars
Nightvision Goggles
Short-Range Headset Radio (2 miles)
Portable Language Translator (programmed for Europe and Asia, plus American)
Medkit, RMK, and IRMSS
Personal Hygene Items
Rope, tarps, tents, and blankets
Climbing Harness
Commando Harness
T-42 Commando Armor

Major Clay Sternen, CS Military Intelligence

Punishment for release of this document, without direct order from the Emperor, is death by firing squad and the possible expulsion of the offenders family from Coalition Territory.
Name: Clay Sternen
Grade: O-4 (Major) as of 9-16-105
Citations: Emperor's Medal, Iron Star (twice), Joseph Prosek Medal for Valor, Crimson Heart, Cybernetic Heart, Translator (Quebecois), Field Experience Badge, Markmanship, Medic, Term of Service (9 years), Good Conduct (8 years), Efficiency and Quality (5 separate awards), Battle of Newton.
Assigned: Reconnasiance in Northern Michigan
Immediate Superior: Colonel T. Lyboc
MOS: Intelligence, with special training in Cryptography and Communications.
Birthdate: 3-16-74

Family and Important Acquaintances:
Joseph Prosek II*
Major Sternen attended and graduated from the Coalition States military academy with Col. Prosek. Maintained a cordial, if distant, relationship over the intervening years. Most recent meeting at Major Sternen's promotion ceremony. Comments from Col. Prosek indicate that he considers Maj. Sternen a loyal citizen with great potential.

James Sternen, father
Col., CSA, ret. Currently employed by Iron Heart Armaments, Chi-Town, in design. Maintains Classified security clearance, registered with PRP as minor physical psychic. Married to Margaret Sternen (nee Lindahl). Currently resides on level 30, Chi-Town.

Margaret Sternen (nee Lindahl), mother
First wife of James Sternen. Local President of Mothers of Soldiers, otherwise not officially employed (homemaker). No security clearance. Currently resides on level 30, Chi-Town

Peter Sternen, brother
2nd Lt., CSA, honorably discharged (end of service). Currently employed with Iron Heart Armaments, as liaison in the Manistique Imperium. Unmarried.

Tracy Flauvier (nee Sternen), sister
Last known to reside in Quebec City, Free Quebec, CSA. Attended Quebec University as Freshman before marriage. Now considered political prisoner, possible traitor. Last known contact with family three days before secession of Free Quebec. Married to Lawrence Flauvier, with one child (Pierre).

Judith Sternen, wife
Employed with Cyberdex Computer Systems; currently on maternity leave and doing limited work from home. Registered with PRP as major psychic; skilled in healing and sensitive abilities (see list in PRP file #9877516). Currently resides on Level 30, Chi- Town. First spouse of Major Sternen, no reports of marital distress.

James Sternen II, son
Five year old son, currently enrolled in Emperor's School #29.

Josephine Sternen, daughter
Born 9-16-105. Evidence at home indicates natal psionic talent of unknown strength. Named for Col. Joseph Prosek II.

Known Psionic Powers: None, with less than 1% likelihood that any have been concealed. Family history provides 45% chance that offspring between Major Sternen and current spouse will have psychic abilities.

Known Cybernetic and Bionic Enhancements: Currently, Major Sternen possess a Universal Headjack (modified for long-range and wide-band radio transmission and reception), Amplified Hearing with Sound Filtration, Toxic Filtration installed in both lungs and kidneys. Eyes are bio-system, with modifications that allow sight into Infrared and Ultraviolet spectrums. Left arm is Bionic, mounting a standard suite of sensors in the hand, a microcomputer in the forearm, and a translator in the upper arm (requisite modifications for use have been made to Major Sternen's voice box).

Brief Description: See appended holographic file.
Personal History: Born to Colonel (then Captain) James and Margaret Sternen, Clay Sternen attended Emperor's School #34 until graduation in PA 90. While there, was noted for his high intelligence and athleticism, as well as an interest in the Roman Era of pre-Rifts History. At that time, Sternen studied Latin, but recent tests show only some of that knowledge has survived. After graduation, enrolled in the Coalition Military Academy as a Cadet, with a major in Military Intelligence and a minor in Computer Science. Learned to speak Quebecois, likely the cause of current inability to speak Latin. It was during this time that Sternen met Colonel Joseph Prosek II; similar interests resulted in Sternen frequently studying with Col. Prosek, as well as associating with him in what free time cadets are allowed. At graduation (PA 94), was assigned to Intelligence Evaluation, first in Chi-Town, then in Missouri near the Devil's Gate. Met wife Judith while at Devil's Gate while working on computer systems provided under contract from Cyberdex. Married 8-16-99. First child (James II) born 10-19-100. Wounded during the Battle of Newton, requiring replacement of eyes and left arm with artificial limbs, but also earning the Emperor's Medal and the Iron Star for the first time. Then assigned to Colonel Lyboc as Intelligence Liaison. Second Iron Star was awarded in 104 PA for data-analysis algorithm that proved Xiticix build-up in the North.

Psychiatric Evaluation: At last evaluation (prior to promotion to O-4), Sternen was judged to be in superior mental health, and to have attitudes appropriate to a Coalition Officer. Presence of cybernetic enhancements have not overtly affected performance, though it was noted that Major Sternen tends to go in more often than required for tune-ups on bionic arm, often citing an excessive whine in servos.

Recommendation: Major Sternen is to be retained on active duty under Colonel Lyboc's command. With more experience, Major Sternen has excellent command potential, and noted friendship with Colonel Prosek makes ascension in ranks likely and desirable.

Major Clay Sternen, CSA

IQ: 22
ME: 26
MA: 19
PS: 23
PP: 14 (18 on left arm)
PE: 21
PB: 14
Spd: 26

Ht: 6'1"
Wt: 250# (bionic arm)
Age: 29

Description: Major Sternen (rarely Clay to associates) is a fairly tall man with straight black hair that is going slightly silver at the temples. His eyes are a light violet in color due to their mechanical enhancements, and his accustomed long-sleeves do little to hide the fact that his left arm is bionic. He often wears a leather glove over that hand to avoid distressing family and co-workers.
HP: 51
SDC: 92
Level: 6
XP: 24,961

Cybernetic Enhancements
Universal Headjack
Augmented to allow for wide-band radio communications with a 20 mile range.
Amplified Hearing
Sound Filtration
Toxic Filter
Infra/Ultra Eye (hardwired to headjack)
Bionic Left Arm:
PS: 23
PP: 18
Built in Computer-Calculator (in forearm, hard-wired to Headjack)
Built-in Speech Translator (in upper arm, hardwired to headjack)
Sensor Hand (hardwired to headjack)
Heat Sensor (4"-6")
Motion Detector
Radiation Detector
Radar Detector

Speak American: 98%
Speak Quebecois: 98%
Radio: Basic: 93%
Literacy: American: 73%
Computer Operation: 78%
Intelligence: 70%
Pilot Hovercraft: 93%
Read Sensory Equipment: 78%
Weapons Systems: 83%
Detect Ambush: 73%
Detect Concealment: 68%
Interrogation Techniques: 63%
Wilderness Survival: 73%
Armorer: 88%
Basic Mechanics: 83%
Military Etiquette: 83%
Lore: Demon and Monster: 63%
Lore: D-Bee: 63%
Mathematics: Advanced: 88%
-Sense of Balance: 83%
-Work Bars and Rings: 83%
-Climb Rope: 88%
-Back Flip: 98%
-Climb: 58%
-Prowl: 63%
Computer Programming: 63%
Computer Hacking: 48%
Streetwise: 48%
Navigation: 73%
Swimming: 83%
Writing (Professional Quality): 58%
Paramedic: 73%
Basic Electronics: 63%
Cryptography (learned at 2nd level): 73%
Pilot Robots and Power Armor (learned at 3rd level): 73%
Literacy: Quebecois (learned at 3rd level): 58%
Radio: Scramblers (learned at 5th level): 63%

Combat Abilities and Bonuses
Hand To Hand: Commando
Robot Combat: Elite (Spider Skull Walker)
W.P. Energy Rifle (+4 aimed, +2 burst)
W.P. Energy Pistol (+4 aimed, +2 burst)
Knock-out on Natural 20 (automatic)
Pin/Incapacitate on 18, 19, or 20
Kick Attack (2D6), Body Block (1D4), Crush/Sweep (1D4), Backsweep, Paired Weapons, Disarm, Automatic Dodge, Automatic Body Flip/Throw, Critical Body Flip/Throw
+8% on all skills (already figured in)
+4 Perception
+6 vs. psionics/insanity
+3 vs. Horror Factor
55% influence trust/intimidate
+8 Damage
+9 initiative
+2 strike (+4 with left arm, +3 with body flip/ throw, +4 automatic body flip/throw)
+6 to parry (+8 with left arm)
+7 to dodge
+7 roll with punch/fall/impact
+3 pull punch
+3 vs. magic and toxins
+12% vs. coma/death

CA-6EX Heavy Armor
Head: 100 MDC
Arms: 100 MDC each
Legs: 120 each
Main Body: 200
31 PS (robotic)
40 Speed
+10*10' to leaps
Fatigue reduced by 50%
-30% prowl
-10% other physical skills
HUD Multi-screen
Computer and Video Link
Optical Enhancements
2000' passive nightvision
10x telescopic (6000' feet)
6x macroscopic
1000' thermo-imager
Light Filter
Laser Distancer (1000', 20% margin of error)
Laser Targeting: +1 to strike (2000')
C-20 Laser Pistol 2D6 MD
800' Range
30 shots/clip
5 long e-clips

CP-40 Pulse Laser Rifle
2D6 MD per single blast, 6D6 MD per pulse
3D6 SDC per single blast, D6*10 per pulse
30 shots/clip (each MD pulse is 3 shots, 30 SDC blasts equal 1 shot, and 6 SDC pulses make 1 shot)
5 long e-clips

4 Plasma Grenades
5D6 MD to 12' area

1 parachute flare
2 hand flares
Survival knife (D6 M/SDC)
Distancing Binoculars (2 miles)
Robot Medical Kit (Paramedic 90%)
Digital Disc Recorder
5 spare disks
Utility Belt
Combat Boots
Pre-Rifts Roman Gladius replica (MDC material; gift from Joseph Prosek. 2D4 SDC)
Wedding ring
Family Photo
2200 credits (readily available... most of it goes to support the family)

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