Monday, January 29, 2018

Gnoles as PCs

Gnoles at a Glance

Strength: +5
Intelligence: -4
Wisdom: -8
Dexterity: +4
Constitution: +4
Looks: -8
Charisma: -8

Gnole Pros:
*Size Large for Hit Points (15), Knock Backs (20), and weapon and armor use. Gnoles may use Large weapons with a reach of less than 8 feet as one-handed weapons, and armor sized for gnoles is one DR heavier than that sized for humans, while maintaining human penalties to defense and initiative.
*Reach is by Weapon +1 foot
*Low Light Vision
*Communicate with hyaenas, wolves, jackals, and lions, including giant versions, as well as kobolds.
*Free Improved Awareness Talent
*Tough Hide: Gnoles have a DR of 2, in addition to any armor worn
*Improved Speed: Longer legs and a loping gait allow Gnoles to move faster than humans; Crawl 5, Walk 10, Jog 15, Run 20, and Sprint 25

Gnole Cons:
*Antipathy: Lions. Gnoles hate lions, and the feeling is reciprocated. All Gnoles suffer from Animal Antipathy: Lions.
*Native Language: Gnole. Any other languages must be learned.
*Poor Social Reactions: Gnoles are, at best, Hated by smaller races, and are frequently Feared by anything smaller than a human. Even among the larger humanoid races, their foulness and fractiousness means that they are most often Disliked or Disdained.

Preferential Talent Access:
The following talents may be purchased for 50% of their listed BP cost:
*Attack Bonus, Damage Bonus, and Swift blade (NOT Parry bonus) for Flails.
*Fast Healer, Poison Resistant

BP Cost by class
Fighter: 30
Ranger: 45
Barbarian: 25
Thief: 35
Rogue: Hahahahaha
Assassin: 50
Mage: No.
Fighter/Mage: No.
Fighter/Thief: 30
Thief/Mage: No.
Cleric: 75

Advice on Playing a Gnole: Gnoles are grotesquely stupid, with the impulse control of a roided-out toddler on speed. You know what you want, you take it. If anyone gets in your way, you make them get out of your way... unless they're bigger than you, then you are very nice to them until their back is turned and you've gotten some friends together. Gnoles have keen senses of smell, but are hampered by the fact that they and much of their surroundings are covered by secretions of their anal glands.

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