Monday, January 29, 2018

Goblins as PCs

Goblins at a Glance
Strength -3
Intelligence -1
Wisdom -3
Dexterity +2
Consititution +2
Looks -4
Charisma -2

Goblin Pros:
*One Free Purchase of the Mining Skill
*One Free Purchase of the Torture Skill
*One Free Purchase of the Listening skill
*Extreme Low-light vision; Twice the range of normal vision
*+10% on Observation when smell is involved
*Goblins enjoy reduced-cost access to several skills. Each of the following skills requires 1 less BP for the first purchase: Animal Empathy, Animal Training (wolves), Hiding, Religion, Riding (canines), Sneaking, and Survival. Subsequent purchases gain no reduction in cost.
*+4 to Defense

Goblin Cons:
*Poor Reach (effective weapon reach is -1 foot)
*Due to their stature, goblins move at only half the rate of humans
*Light Blindness: -2 to attack and defense in full sunlight, -1 to attack at dawn, dusk, or when overcast, no penalty under storm clouds or by starlight.
*Size small with regard to HPs (i.e. 5 hp + CON + class roll)
*Size small for knock backs

Preferential Talent Access:
May purchase the following talents at 50% BP cost:
*Blind-fighting, Pain Tolerant, Poison Resistant, Tough as Nails

Special Note: Goblins with the Animal Antipathy Flaw for Canines gain an additional 10 BP; having wargs and wolves hate you in goblin society is will either kill you quickly or build character.

BP Cost:
Fighter 25
Ranger n/a
Barbarian 40
Thief 25
Rogue 55
Assassin 30
Mage 70
Fighter/Mage 50
Fighter/Thief 25
Mage/Thief 50
Cleric 35

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