Monday, January 29, 2018

Kobolds as PCs

Kobolds at a glance
Strength -5
Intelligence +1
Wisdom -1
Dexterity +1
Constitution -3
Looks: -2
Charisma: -2

*Empathic communication with canines; can extend to other animals with 1 day of work and a difficult Animal Empathy check
*Free purchase of animal empathy, further purchases at +2 to mastery die.
*Natural DR of 1 point.
*Low Light Vision
*Free purchase of Listening and Observation
*+4 Defense
*May make one purchase of Disarm Trap, Identify Trap, and Trap Design at ¼ cost; 4 BPs (each) for Disarm Trap and Identify Trap, 5 BPs for Trap Design. If they receive these skills as part of a class ability (e.g. Thieves and their multiclasses), they may still make a single purchase at this cost.

*Size is Small; this includes for Hit Points (5), Knock-Backs
*Reach is -1 foot
*Fumble-fingered: While Kobolds have clever fingers, they don’t have a proper thumb, which greatly impacts their manual dexterity. As such, their dexterity is considered 10 points lower when gaining mastery in skills that rely on manual dexterity; a kobold with a 13 Dexterity (+1 to Mastery Die rolls) calculates their mastery bonus as if they had a 3 Dexterity (-4 to Mastery Die rolls). This applies to Artistry (depending on type), Craft, Forgery, Leatherworking, Lock Picking, Pick Pockets, Pottery, and Rope Use. It does not apply to Disarm Trap or Trap Design; their talent overcomes their inability, in that case.
*Weedy: Kobolds are frailly built, even for small creatures. As such, their hit dice (derived from class) are all 1 die size smaller… d12->d10->d8->d6->d4->d3

Preferential Talent Access:
Kobolds may purchase the following talents at a 50% discount
*Attack Bonus, Damage Bonus, Parry Bonus, Swiftblade (for clubs, short spears)
*Crack Shot, Greased Lightning (for light crossbows)
*Improved Awareness

Reactions with other races:
Kobolds tend to Dislike every other race, save gnomes and halflings, whom they Hate. They Fear Grel, Half-Orcs, and Sil-Karg. When viewing kobolds, other races:

Dwarves: Disdain
Elves: Disdain
Gnomes: Hate
Gnome Titans: Hate
Grel: Disdain
Half-elves: Disdain
Half-orcs: Disdain
Halflings: Hate
Humans: Disdain
Pixie-Faeries: Fear
Sil-karg: Disdain

Character Classes:
Thief 20
Assassin 25
Fighter 30
Fighter/Thief 30
Barbarian 40
Cleric 40
Rogue 45
Mage/Thief 45
Fighter/Mage 50
Mage 60
Ranger 75

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