Monday, January 29, 2018

Malabar's Magical Make-up

Malabar’s Magical Make-up is something of a rarity; a spell created by a Rogue. Malabar himself was a magical prodigy; while he studied music and oration as a bard in Bet Kalamar, he took to Arcane Lore like an elf upon his first real exposure to it, instantly grasping quite complex theories and coming up with new insights that shocked his tutors. Over the years, he never really mastered spellcasting (he had only a rogue’s grasp of those mechanics), but several of his spells are still studied today as exemplars of spell design. That many of them are viewed as “frivolous” is a source of chagrin for “serious” scholars of magic… to study the pinnacle of your craft, you have to learn spells that deal with make-up, music, and play-acting.

Malabar’s Magical Make-up (4th level Mage Spell)
Base SP Cost: 80
Components: V, S, Special
Casting Time: 10 seconds
Range: Touch
Volume of Effect: One individual
Duration: 2 hours
Saving Throw: not applicable

Additional Spell Point schedule:
Increase duration: 1 SP/3minutes
Increased Bonus: 2 SP/5 fractional points (no more than 40 points may be spent this way)

Using subtle physical alterations, small quantities of conjured materials, and a deft eye, Malabar’s Magical Make-up enhances the Looks score of the target (with a concomitant rise in Charisma). The spell adds 1d4 to the target’s looks, plus 50 fractional points if the spellcaster is skilled in (Advanced Mastery or better) Acting, Disguise, or Seduction (each skill of sufficient mastery will add +50 fractional points to the final bonus). At the end of the spell’s duration, the bonus does not instantly disappear. While the physical alterations slowly return to place, the conjured cosmetics remain until cleaned off; the Looks bonus resets by 50 fractional points every half-hour, or by 50 fractionals every 5 minutes if exposed to water (even heavy humidity).

Malabar’s Magical Make-up does not have a material component, per se, but casting it upon oneself is difficult; without the aid of a mirror, any bonuses are halved. If the caster has a mirror (at least the size of their own palm), then the spell may be cast normally. It may be cast upon another without difficulty, provided the caster can see clearly to make the alterations.

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