Monday, January 29, 2018

Hobgoblins as PCs

Hobgoblins at a Glance
Strength +2
Intelligence -1
Dexterity +2
Consititution +1
Looks -2

Hobgoblin Pros:
*One Free Purchase of the Mining Skill
*One Free Purchase of the Listening skill
*Low-light vision
*Free Laborer Proficiency

Hobgoblin Cons:
*Character’s native language is Hobgoblin - Kargi or Krangi as appropriate (must purchase any additional languages)

Preferential Talent Access:
May purchase the following talents and proficiencies at 50% BP cost:
*Fast Healer, Poison Resistant, Tough as Nails, Pain Tolerant, Resolute, Tough Hide, Armor Proficiencies, Shield Proficiency

BP Cost
Fighter 20
Ranger n/a
Barbarian 40
Thief 50
Rogue 50
Assassin 35
Mage 75
Fighter/Mage 50
Fighter/Thief 35
Mage/Thief 65
Cleric 50

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