Monday, January 29, 2018

Repair Flesh

Repair Flesh

Base SP Cost: 80
Components: V, S
Casting Time: 4 seconds
Range: Touch
Area of Effect: One creature
Duration: Instantaneous
Saving Throw: None

Additional Spell Point schedule:
Additional Healing: 20 SP/+1 HP
Resist Effects: 80 SP additional saving throw

Repair Flesh is a 4th level Mage spell which restores 1d4p damage to a single wound each time it is cast. If more than a single wound has been taken, the magic-user must choose a single wound to be healed; if the healing exceeds the amount of the wound, additional points will spill over to another wound as days of healing (so, if a 7 point wound is cured for 10 points, one other wound will receive the equivalent of 3 days of natural, non-assisted, healing). If the wound was a source of poison or disease (such as the bite of a tick or the sting of a spider), the mage may spend an additional 80 points to attempt to repair that damage, granting an additional saving throw against the effect. This carries a risk, however, as the second result must be taken, even if it is worse than the previous result.

This spell is considered something of an impossibility; it is well known that mages cannot heal. However, if the formula for this spell is examined very carefully (a Very Difficult check with at least Expert Mastery of Arcane Lore, or Advanced Arcane lore AND average Divine Lore), it will be noted that the spell does not work exactly as described; it is actually a minor act of devotion to the Confuser of Ways to cast this spell, and it is they who provide the healing. While use of this spell is not sufficient to change alignment or incur alignment infractions, there is a 1% chance per point of healing (non-cumulative) that a character anointed to a deity hostile to the Confuser of Ways will lose their affiliation. Clerics of the Riftmaster will find themselves simply unable to cast this spell; they may learn it, but attempting to memorize it causes it to slip from their memory, and they find that they may learn a spell to replace this one. Many variations of this spell show up, and news of its true nature is frequently obfuscated by priests of the Great Deceiver.

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